DHA Suffa University Conducts Self-Review of MS / PhD Programs

Self-Review of MS / PhD programs of DHA Suffa University was conducted on June 25, 2019 with the objective to ascertain whether MS / PhD programs meet their educational objectives and outcomes as per HEC’s criteria. The Review Panel comprised of Dr. Imtiaz Hussain (HoD, Electrical Engineering), Dr. Rida Ahmed (HoD, Basic Sciences), Engr. Akhtar Nadyme (Director QEC) and Ms. Rabia Mumtaz (Manager Postgraduate Programs).

The panel reviewed the Program Proforma, Program Files, Faculty Files, Students’ Files and Course Files as per HEC’s Checklist and found them to be in order. The panel also met the PhD students enrolled in the program. The panel appreciated the efforts of academic departments in maintaining and enhancing the culture of quality at DHA Suffa University.