Information Session for DSU’s Students on International Education, Career and Summer Camp Opportunities by Managing Director P2Gs

Major General (Retd) Shaukat Iqbal, Managing Director P2Gs (Pakistan to Germany Study), visited DSU on 22nd-Nov-2022 and gave a talk to DSU’s students on the foreign education and career options that students can avail during their undergraduate studies as well as for their postgraduate study plans. The information session was attended by DSU’s Engineering , Computer Science & Management Sciences students, who were informed about some of the renowned European Universities, their degree programs and career pathways that await students in Europe. The session focused in particular on Germany as a promising destination for higher studies and students were apprised of the fact that Germany’s population demographics are such that it needs more and more young educated people to become part of its workforce. Most importantly, the guest speaker enlightened students on how P2Gs, as foreign education & career pathway consultants, can facilitate DSU’s students in their endeavors to study abroad in Germany and have a successful professional career post graduation. The information session was followed by an interactive Q&A during which the guest speaker answered student queries.