QA Awareness Seminars for the Faculty and Students of Management Sciences

In continuation with our practice, a series of quality assurance awareness seminars was conducted for the faculty andstudents of Management Sciences by Ms. Bushra Mahmood (ADQEC) during 2018-19. The seminars focused on familiarizing participants with the IQA mechanism, HEC’s self-assessment criteria, NBEAC forms and the accreditation process, ranking criteria and maximum scores for each criterion, self-assessment of programs, feedback and survey forms, continuous improvement of quality (CQI) and outcomes of assessment. The seminars were kept interactive to encourage participation of students. The seminars concluded with question-and-answer sessions.

Year Date Class No. of Participants
2018 5th December 2018 BBA-1A 32 students
21st December 2018 BBA-1B 23 students
2019 31st January 2019 20 faculty members
5th April 2019 BBA-1 18 students
6th April 2019 BBA-5 28 students
6th April 2019 MBA-2 3 students
8th April 2019 BBA-4 40 students
8th April 2019 MBA-1 2 students