Session on “The Untold Story of Kashmir”

A pre-launch session of IR Club held on Friday, 10th June at Executive Lecture Theater (ELT). Students from all four semesters of IR and other departments with an interest in politics, history and IR also attended the session in a large number.

Topic: The Untold Story of Kashmir

Presenter: Dr. Ahmed Raza (PhD International Relations)

Special Appearance: Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmed (Dean MSS)

Panelists: Dr. Ahmed Raza (Faculty – BS -IR), Mustafa Raza (Senior Lecturer – BS -IR), Sidra Ahmed (Program Manage- BS-IR and Advisor IR Club)

Organizer: Dr. Samreen Bari (Assistant Professor – BS-IR)

Host: Imama Ansari (BS- IR II)



Introduction of the topic and distinguished panelists

Instrumental presentation of Pakistani & Kashmiri songs

An evidence based presentation of the issue of Kashmir by Dr. Ahmed Raza, with the help of maps, official documents and references from authentic books/ historical archives.

Panel discussion & Q/A session

Certificate of appreciation presented by Dr. Samreen Bari

Group photos

Socialization of students and teachers of BS –IR, before all dispersed.