The Basics of Digital Marketing & Facebook Advertising


The Basics of Digital Marketing & Facebook Advertising

Date: 7th November 2019

Time: 9:30 A.M – 2 P.M


Venue: Executive Lecture Theatre, DHA Suffa University

About the Program:

Digitization and technology have changed the way people buy and sell. Digital marketing is all the more important for entrepreneurs in this day and age because of the recent surge in competition for small business owners resulting in the need to help them generate more leads and sell faster at a lower cost than traditional marketing. Additionally, the enormous amount of data that digital marketing tools may collect may help plan future marketing campaigns. This is why small businesses need to learn how to build and sustain a competitive edge on digital channels to stay on the top of their marketing and selling the game.

This half-day workshop is focused on educating such businesses about the scope and opportunities digital marketing provides for growth and increase in sales. The workshop will also talk about how Facebook can be a great marketing platform for brands who want to promote their products/services but don’t have large budgets required in conventional marketing. The trainers will be focusing on how to use the AIDA model to create a digital marketing funnel on Facebook to reach your audience at the right time with the right story.

Coverage Areas:

Topics covered during the session would be the following:

– Transitioning from traditional to digital marketing.

– Understand what’s digital and the opportunities/scope it presents.

– Difference between digital and social media.

– Key components of digital marketing.

– Digital channels you can advertise on.

– Understanding Facebook: An overview of its tools, opportunities and scope.

– The potential for paid ads and different tools.

Key Take-Aways:

After attending this workshop, attendees will have a sound understanding of the following:

– Components that can be used to build a digital strategy.

– Right medium and tools are available to grow as small business owners.

– Insight on how to build a buyer persona for their brand and how to target them via Facebook with the right creatives and stories at the right time.

– Different ad and business tools Facebook provides.

Who Should Attend?

Home-based entrepreneurs (female or male), students, and entry to mid-level marketers, subject-matter enthusiasts.

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