Workshop for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Development (CEID) organized a workshop in collaboration with Daraz for students, faculty & Staff members who aspire to learn about online business. The workshop was held on Monday, 23rd December 2019. The core purpose for organizing this session was to encourage students to become business owners using e-platforms like Daraz. The workshop facilitated students in fostering entrepreneurial methodology and broaden their mindset so that they can become job givers instead of job seekers and be the risk takers, to develop enough courage and confidence within, that inspires them to start their own businesses.

Daraz’s Acquisition and Exports team members joined in for the session as speakers and trainers. Mr. Aurangzaib Alamgir was the lead speaker accompanied by Mr. Ali Salman Abdi. Upon commencement of the workshop, the speaker discussed in detail about the exposure of E-Commerce business models and emergence of new entrepreneurial opportunities growing in Pakistan especially when it comes to e-commerce. The modern trends of e-commerce and benefits of a digital platform was laid emphasis on. The speaker also shared his personal experiences and valuable journey of Daraz and highlighted how it has impacted the life of people all around with some real examples. He showed that e-platforms like Daraz now acts as a prime beacon of support and hope for people from all walks of life; especially women and teenagers, who want to start something new on their own, with affordable risk and manageable capital investment.

The trainers also provided technical knowledge and guided the audience on how to open an account on Daraz as a supplier. They discussed the opportunities that a supplier possess and shared many valuable tips to enhance your rating and improve profitability at a much faster pace.

This sessions was attended by many students across all departments of DHA Suffa University. There were also many staff members present to attend the workshop as well. It was an interactive sessions and well-liked by audience. The session was concluded with and extensive Q&A session, and a token of appreciation was presented to the speakers and trainers by Director CEID, Ms. Eram Abbasi. At the end of workshop, students were very interested to discuss their ideas and queries further with the trainers.