DSU Students securing 4 positions in ZAB E-Fest

Another feather in the cap…
Once again, it is a moment of absolute pride for all of us as the name of DSU has been held high at SZABIST by our supremely talented students.
They stole the show brilliantly by winning 4 positions at ZAB E-Fest where teams from various universities participated.
A huge congratulations to the winning teams, their teachers and mentors.
Competition: Code Hunt
Position: Winners
Team: Hahaha
– Asim Ahmed (Semester 4)
– Hafsa Abdul Qadir (Semester 5)
– Rama Abrik (Semester 5)
Competition: Speed Programming
Position: Winners
Team: The Logicals
– Atif Khan (Semester 6)
– Muhammad Ali (Semester 6)
– Muhammad Farhan (Semester 6)
Competition: Speed Programming
Position: Runners-Up
Team: Turing Automata
– Bahawal Baloch (Semester 4)
– Tarun Kumar (Semester 4)
– Akhmas Khawaja (Semester 4)
Competition: Data Science
Position: Winner
– Aaqib Qadeer Soomro (Semester 7)
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AUSOM National Case Competition 2019

Congratulations to our DSU Management Sciences Team on winning 2nd prize in AUSOM National Case Competition 2019 (Battle of the Brains), organized by Air University Islamabad. A total of 24 teams participated in the competition.
The main objective of this event was to bring top brains from different universities/business schools across Pakistan under one roof for testing and recognizing their practical knowledge and case presentation skills.

DHA Suffa University Conducts Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation

DHA Suffa University conducted a Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) on April 11 and 12, 2019. The objective of the IPE was to self-evaluate the performance effectiveness of the university based on 11 Quality Standards defined in IPE Manual of HEC. The standards outline major areas that higher education institutions need to focus on in order to secure recognition for good governance and quality education.

The IPE panel comprised of one external reviewer (Prof. Dr. A. Razak Mahar, Director QEC, Shah Abdul Latif University) and two internal reviewers (Dr. Haider Ali, Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engr. Abdul Waheed, Controller of Examinations).

The review process commenced with a brief introduction of the university processes and a presentation on the Compliance Report of IPE 2017-18 by Engr. Akhtar Nadyme (Director QEC). Afterwards, the University Portfolio Report (UPR) along with evidences of responses to questions listed under the 11 Quality Standards was thoroughly reviewed by the IPE panel.

The second day of the IPE was dedicated to meeting the academic and administrative heads of departments, faculty members and students to examine the quality of processes at DHA Suffa University. The panel also toured the campus and visited the library, classrooms and laboratories to observe the facilities available on campus. The panel appreciated the efforts of DHA Suffa University in maintaining and enhancing the culture of quality.

The self-review process was facilitated by the QEC at DHA Suffa University in collaboration with all the academic and administrative departments.

Workshop on Putting Bloom’s Taxonomy to Work

On March 27, 2019, 57 faculty members of DHA Suffa University participated in a workshop on Putting Bloom’s Taxonomy to Work. The workshop, conducted by the Quality Enhancement Cell of IBA Karachi and facilitated by Prof. Dr. Qaiser Munir, offered a platform for faculty members to learn practical tips on how to integrate Bloom’s Taxonomy into their teaching.

The Quality Enhancement Cell of DHA Suffa University facilitated the workshop by arranging virtual connectivity through HEC’s video conferencing network for faculty members to participate from the Conference Room of the University.

Seminar on “Professional Career Growth Start – 3 Key Takeaways to Remember”

The Finance Cluster of the Management Science Department organized a seminar on “Professional Career Growth Start – 3 Key Takeaways to Remember” on Wednesday, 17th April 2019. The speaker, Mr. Waqas Durrani (Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Pak-Qatar Takaful Group), with his rich experience and knowledge shared some of the important factors in career success. Through interactive stories and videos he was able to engage the entire audience who thoroughly enjoyed the session. The important take away from his session were the 3 qualities that one needs for building a successful career: Humility, Ambition and Deftness. Overall it was a very informative and enlightening session which then ended with Q&A and networking tea.


Seminar on Project Management in Contemporary World

A CPD seminar, “Project Management in Contemporary World” was organized by Engr. Syed Sheraz Ali, held on 1st April 2019. Professional trainer and speaker, Mr. Muntazir Haider, enlighten the young engineers about how to strengthen their career growth tactics and enhance their professional project management skills, to be well received in corporate market.

Blood Drive 2019

One bottle of blood can save three lives! The CSR department of DHA Suffa University aims to benefit not only the students of its college but the community as well. With this regard, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Indus Hospital and DHA Suffa University in February 2017. As per the MOU, a blood drive is conducted annually within the premises of DSU. The fifth annual blood drive was held on the 21st of February, 2019 at DSU, in the basketball court. A team of students from DSU set up a small bake sale through which they collected donations for the CSR department.

The event lasted for 8 hours (a full working day) from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Great Spirit to help the society was shown by the students of DSU as a total of 264 students showed up to donate blood out of which 194 were able to donate healthy and use able blood. 187 male students donated blood, and 7 females.

The event was a huge success and contributed greatly to the society by granting them 194 bags of useful blood.



Interview Session – SINA

The Community Service and Sustainability Program (CSSP) at DHA Suffa University (DSU) is based on the theme of giving time or talent for the benefit of a community group (not for profit) that has a genuine need for service.  The CSSP is an action program that allows an individual to learn, serve, and transform their lives. While classroom teaching can help students learn about homelessness, extreme cases of poverty and societal problems, social service is the key enabler to make students learn more dynamically. This form of learning is essential for the success of a student’s professional growth. The CSSP plays an important role in invoking a sense of civic responsibility in an individual. To ensure that DSU’s vision of nation building is materialized, the university has made 60 hours of community service a mandatory requirement for undergraduate students of the Management Sciences Department.

In order to fulfil this requirement, the CSSP department at DSU has been providing the Management Sciences students with various platforms, and has collaborated with different organizations such as The Indus Hospital, The Citizen’s Foundation, Dar-ul-Sukun, etc.

As a part of one family, DSU wishes to engage its students in volunteering opportunities in SINA Health, Education and Welfare Trust. In this regard, DSU’s CSR department has been working with representatives from SINA, and it has been decided that social internship at SINA program will start from March.

Interviews for the social internship program at SINA were held on the 22nd February 2019 in the conference room DSU, by representatives of SINA. A total of 36 candidates were addressed in this session. The purpose of this session was to get an idea of the students who had signed up for the volunteering program. A brief of the organization, the nature of work and the flow of events was covered in this session.

CSR Orientation

On 12th February, 2019 the CSR department held its first orientation in the DSU Auditorium for the students of MS department (BBA 1, 2, 3 and 4). The primary purpose of this orientation was to provide detailed information to these students about the Community Service and Sustainability Program. This orientation brought together several organizations that have been CSR department’s partners since a long time. Representatives from several partnered organizations like, Darul Sukun, Indus Hospital, SINA, Robin Hood Army and student representatives for DHA Schools and DSU Community Academy. The following aspects were covered in the orientation:

  • To understand the importance of CSR activities.
  • To remind the students that they are responsible to complete 60 hours of mandatory community service before they graduate.
  • To help students choose which social internship they would like to opt for and to explain students the roles and responsibilities of the students and the CSR department.

During the orientation Brochures and enrolment forms were given out to all the students for information and registration respectively.

Stress Management Session

On February 1st, 2019 a representative of a renowned health center, Chugtai Labs visited DSU to conduct a seminar on Stress and its management. This session was held in the Executive Lecture Theare of DSU and the target audience for this session were the Head of Departments, directors and Faculty members nominated by departmental heads.   Dr. Tahira Shahid conducted this session, who is a physician by profession but a motivational speaker and a health awareness educator by profession.

The session proved to be very beneficial for the audience as it covered the topics of stress in daily life and its relation with the diet that one takes. Dr Tahira spoke about the impact of stress and diet on an individual’s health. She particularly emphasized on proposing ways to manage stress, addictions and to have a balanced diet. In relevance to these problem, a PR package was distributed amongst the audience that comprised of a comprehensive diet plan. The CSR department wishes to conduct such sessions for students and employees of DSU in order to make them aware and conscious.