DSU celebrates Labour Day

Malaysia International Scholarship

DSU’s IERC would like to bring to the attention of DSU’s graduating students & DSU’s Alumni the following Malaysian scholarship for postgraduate studies


Session on ‘Employment Act-HRM’

Alumni Relations Office in collaboration with HR Dost organized a special session on ‘Employment Act-HRM’ by Dr. Perwez Shafi – GM – Bureau of Labor Pakistan which was held at DSU’s ELT from 09:00 am – 02:00 pm on Saturday 10th of April, 2021. Among the audience were HR representatives from IBL Pvt. Ltd., Burque Corporation, Adamjee Engineering, Malir University of Science and Technology, UN Global Network Pakistan, Dawlance Pakistan, Avery Dennison, Herbion Pakistan Pvt. Ltd., HRSPL Pvt. Ltd., Artistic Milliners Pvt. Ltd. Al-Khidmat Pakistan, Kiran Foundation, Akhter Textile, International Textile, and K-Electric among others along with a few HR majors students of DSU.

Dr. Perwez Shafi enlightened the audience with his vast knowledge and experience regarding the Employment Act, specifically the Labor Law in a highly interactive manner. Dr. Shafi answered all the burning questions of the HR industry professionals related to the Labor Law and thoroughly explained their legal ramifications.

To shed further light on this topic, at the request of Ms. Tehseen Azhar – Director Alumni Relations, a special appearance was made by Barrister Afnan Saiduzzaman Siddiqui – Barret of Law. He shared his valuable insights regarding the dealings of such cases in the court and highlighted the importance of resolving these issues through an intermediary (through mediation or arbitration) first rather than going to the court directly.

Ms. Tehseen Azhar Director of Alumni Relations and Mr. Ayaz Ali, from HR DOST presented a shield to Dr. Perwez Shafi & Barrister Afnan Saiduzzaman Siddiqui on behalf of DHA Suffa University. At the end of this highly valuable session, all the participants were awarded certificates of participation.

Industrial Automation | NAVTTC | Projects | Kamyab Jawan | Skills for All | DSU

Electrical Engineering trained and professional Faculty members have groomed students from scratch to Professionals of Industrial Automation. Students are now solving industrial level problems using our well-equipped labs of Electrical Engineering Department.

Please join us and be a part of this amazing FREE course.

Industrial Automation Kamyab Jawan Free Course:

Functionally, Industrial Automation includes field-level (Sensors & Actuators), Control level, Supervisory, production control level (SCADA) and Information & enterprise level (MES & ERP)

Field level

At the bottom level, you will find sensors and actuators that are installed in the field. Sensors are used to collect physical process signals, which helps them measure pressure, flow, temperature, etc. It then converts them into pneumatic and electrical. For instance, LDR, thermocouple, strain gauge etc.

You can use these sensors that are used for processing, then analyze it, which will help in decision making, leading to produce the control output. Control systems such as Programmable Logic controllers (PLCs), RTUs are connected to the sensors that will help you produce the targeted output by providing the signals in accordance with your program and set values.