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A workshop on Effective Placement and Internship Management was conducted on the Wednesday, the 23rd of August, 2023. The Resource Persons were Prof. Tahir Mahmood (Executive Director, Hazza Institute of Technology, Islamabad) and Dr. Munazza Danish, Deputy Director(Academics), Sindh HEC. Participants from various universities participated in this workshop. The event was organized by Hazza Institute of Technology in collaboration with DHA Suffa University

Workshop on Microgrid Operations and Control Challenges

Prof. Dr. Tariq Masood, visiting faculty at Oregon Institute of Technology USA and a PhD from the University of Bath (UK) conducted a workshop at DHA Suffa University on “Microgrid Operations and Control Challenges”. The workshop was attended by undergraduate and graduate students of DSU’s Department of Electrical Engineering (EE), EE faculty, as well as senior officials from the industrial and corporate sectors. In the workshop, the guest speaker covered the main challenges associated with solar and wind power & how these challenges are addressed through fast, robust and effective control systems at the Microgrid level. The presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session, during which the guest speaker answered the queries of students and faculty related to Microgrids and their operation.


The department of Civil Engineering at DHA Suffa University organized a Truss competition. Students of second, fourth and sixth semesters designed their trusses.

The trusses were evaluated on three parameters
– aesthetics
– Maximum bearing load
– highest load to weight ratio

Students impressed the jury with their designs on all the three fronts. The highest load carried by the truss was 102kg (with a possibility of carrying even higher loads).

The exposure of the #LivingLab concept implemented by the #CivilEngineering department has surely enhanced students’ thinking paradigm and vision.



This visit is a testament to the long term relationship between the two institutions to grow together and reach new heights.

DSU believes that TCF is a grand milestone in our journey towards success, and together we will mutually benefit from this collaboration.


We are delighted to announce that the students of DHA Suffa University’s Computer Department have achieved outstanding success in the National Mega event, Spectrum’23, hosted by the ACM DSU Student Chapter. Our students have secured an impressive total of 16 positions out of 39 in over 21 competitions, showcasing their exceptional talent and skills.

Here are the details of the remarkable accomplishments of DHA Suffa University students:

App Development: Runner Up – App Squad

Data Science: Runner Up – Team Dynamo

Hackathon: Runner Up – The Fury

Hackathon: Winner – M-Square

Web Development: 2nd Runner Up – DigiCoderz

Web Development: 1st Runner Up – Code Crafters

Web Development: Winner – Full Stack Force

Database Design: Runner Up – Tech X

Speed Debugging: Winner – Developer Boys

Fitness: Runner Up – Hisham Kashif

Fitness: Winner – Muhammad Saad

Photography: Winner – Gunpat Khatri

Reels: Runner Up – Ahmed Rana

Reels: Winner – Anish Acharia

Counter Strike GO: Runner Up – UNBROKEN NOFEAR

Counter Strike 1.6: Runner Up – Team Sumbul

These remarkable achievements demonstrate the dedication, passion, and exceptional abilities of our students. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and success, which reflects the high standards and rigorous academic training provided by the Computer Department at DHA Suffa University.

Congratulations to all the winning students for their outstanding performances and their representation of our university at Spectrum’23. We extend our appreciation to the ACM DSU Student Chapter for hosting this prestigious event and providing a platform for our students to showcase their talents.

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring achievements from our talented students!

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