Session with the CEO, Mr Ilya Likhov of Neosun Energy Group

The CSCR & Alumni Department arranged a session with the CEO, Mr Ilya Likhov of Neosun Energy Group for our Mechanical, Electrical and Management Sciences Department. The session covered:
• The Importance of Solar Power
• How Designing a Career Around Solar Power Can Benefit Students

Almost 50 plus students took part in this session. The session was followed by a Q/A with the students to enhance their understanding of solar energy and the available career opportunities. This session will lead to multiple internship and placement opportunities for DSU students in the near future. The session concluded by a vote of thanks by Ms Subeika Rizvi-Director CSCR & Alumni and shield by Dr Ahmad Hussain- Dean EAS

Mock Interviews for ME Department’s Graduating Batch

On January 11th, 2024, the Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department conducted a series of mock interviews for our graduating batch. This event was organized by Engr. Naveed Ahmed Khatri, ILO of the ME Department, featured our esteemed faculty members as interviewers.

The mock interviews aimed to prepare our students for the competitive job market by simulating real interview scenarios. Here are some of the key benefits our students gained from this experience:

– Students experienced actual interview settings, helping them become more comfortable and confident.

– Faculty provided valuable feedback, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

– Students honed their communication, problem-solving, and technical skills, essential for success in their future careers.

– By practicing in a safe environment, students built their confidence, reducing anxiety for real interviews.

An Educational visit to Karachi Tools, Dies & Moulds Center

Karachi Tools, Dies & Moulds Centre (KTDMC) specializes in the production of high-quality permanent moulds for various industries, primarily automotive. An educational visit was arranged by Engr. Naveed Ahmed Khatri, Industrial Liaison Officer at DHA Suffa University’s Mechanical Engineering Department, for Semester IV students studying the course “Manufacturing Processes”. This visit held on Tuesday, 14th May 2024 and was accompanied by Assistant Professor, Engr. Zeeshan Ellahi Vohra.

During the visit, students observed a multi-stage manufacturing processes that utilize a combination of conventional and advanced machining techniques such as Mould Design and Engineering, Material Selection and Preparation, CNC Machining, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), Grinding and Finishing, Heat Treatment, Quality Control, Mould Texturing, Mould Assembly and Testing, Mold Recycling & Root Cause Analysis and Reverse Engineering.

The visit to KTDMC provided a valuable opportunity to witness the practical applications of manufacturing processes and the critical role of technology and innovation in a modern manufacturing environment. The insights gained will undoubtedly contribute to a deeper understanding of the field.


15th Academic Council Meeting of DHA Suffa University was held on 16th May 2024. The meeting was chaired by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ahmad Saeed Minhas. All academic related issues were discussed in the meeting, while recommendations and proposals were presented for approval. The meeting was attended by Deans, HoDs, Faculty Members as well as external members.

JBS Recruitment Drive

Jaffer Business Systems (JBS) is one of the leading names in Pakistan’s IT industry with both global and local footprints. JBS collaborated with CSCR & Alumni Department of DSU to hold a recruitment drive that was led by an introductory session about the organization followed by online registrations for their Management Trainee Program- GradNest’24. Almost 60 plus graduating students took part in this drive from the CS and BBA departments. The speaker was presented with a vote of thanks by Ms Subeika Rizvi-Director CSCR & Alumni and Mr Noor Ali- HoD CS.

DSU BS (Accounting and Finance) and BS (Business Analytics and Programming) Students Visit Ibex

A group of students, studying the ‘Principles of Management’ course as part of their BS (Accounting and Finance) and BS (Business Analytics and Programming) program visited the company Ibex. on 3rd May 2024. They were accompanied by faculty member; Ms. Rabia Mumtaz and IERC Executive Ms. Maryam Shamim.

It was an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the company and its operations.

During the visit, Mr.Fahad Azam (Manager Recruitment) introduced various departments, shared his experience and guided the students. He also briefed the students about career growth and answered the queries raised by students.