Session on “7 Emerging Technologies Disrupting Our Future and Career Planning”

The exploding growth of technology has shifted the dynamics of the world. The imminent technologies have put every resource, all the information, on the tips of our fingers. As the future is in the hands of our youth, it is crucial for them to equip themselves with the upcoming technologies. To cater this need, on 1st April 2021, DHA Suffa University took an initiative to discuss such technologies and their impact on future career opportunities.

Mr. Hassan Syed, CEO of Bir Ventures USA and the founder of IdeaGist was invited to have an edifying conversation on “7 Emerging Technologies Disrupting Our Future and Career Planning”. Mr. Hassan is also one of the founding directors of the Institute for Innovators and Entrepreneurs at Hamline University Minnesota. Further, he sits in the advisory committee for the Minister of Information Technology and Telecom on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Emerging Technologies. Last but not least, he is part of the President’s National Committee on the Emerging Technologies under the Digital Pakistan Initiative.

Hassan expressed that the communities worldwide are about to face major job losses due to automation and emerging technologies like AI, 3D Printing, Smart Robots, and Intelligent Vehicles. Without proper planning to retrain and develop capacity, it will be chaotic. Many communities will be facing the devastating financial and social impact of these changes. He emphasized in the ability to think or recognize the future by looking at this change. Further, Hassan accentuated that the youth must explore and be aware of their competencies as the world is evolving rapidly.

In this event, the students gained knowledge about how the world has shifted from industrial age to a knowledge age, how the world economies are changing via the emerging technologies and how the world is having technological advancement hence how significant for an individual it is to be aware of their leadership and entrepreneurial qualities to survive and thrive in this age. The highlight of this event was the interactive sessions with the students where the students were able to take part in short activities to push their limitations and overcome their self-limiting beliefs.

Concluding the event, Engr. Prof. Dr. Afzal Haque, Vice-Chancellor of DHA Suffa University, presented a vote of thanks to the speaker. He stated that there’s no doubt that emerging technologies are becoming increasingly pertinent in businesses and they are geared towards making our lives more comfortable, easier, better, and faster. The phenomenal growth in technologies is so rapid, that it is envisioned that they will change the world in the years ahead. This makes it increasingly important for youth to be equipped with these modern trends to prepare them for the future business world. Dr. Afzal also presented a souvenir to Hasan Syed as a gesture of appreciation for taking time out for the students and the University.


Dastaan-e-fun, hosted by the Media Society is bringing people together through communicating and delivering important messages/stories.

Recently on 8th April, 2021, DHA Suffa University invited Azima Dhanjee, to enlighten us about her insightful journey. She is the CEO and co-founder of ConnectHear; an organization striving to achieve milestones for the deaf community in our society. She has received media mentions from Forbes, The Express Tribune, and other publications. She has also received The Diana Award 2019 and Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award 2018.

She grew up with deaf parents and communicated through sign language. Her unavailability led to her parents’ missing out on many opportunities and this became the root behind starting ConnectHear.

The event started with a blast when Hamza Khan and Asad Iqbal Zawi from Performing Arts Society showcased their talent i.e. rapping and beatboxing.

Later on, Azima was invited over on the stage by the hosts where they had a question and answer session. She highlighted the issues and barriers such as communication gap, awareness gap, patriarchy, lack of concern/support for the hearing impaired, how the deaf face limitations in education, career and stressed on the fact that how media/film industry doesn’t acknowledge the deaf community to act. In regard to making music available to the deaf as well, she arranged a deaf inclusive concert by Strings.

Later that afternoon, there was a soulful performance by Ahmed Iqbal Zawi. He sang Churail, one of his originals.


Session on “Employment Act-HRM”

Alumni Relations Office in collaboration with HR Dost organized a special session on ‘Employment Act-HRM’ by Dr. Perwez Shafi – GM – Bureau of Labor Pakistan which was held at DSU’s ELT from 09:00 am – 02:00 pm on Saturday 10th of April, 2021. Among the audience were HR representatives from IBL Pvt. Ltd., Burque Corporation, Adamjee Engineering, Malir University of Science and Technology, UN Global Network Pakistan, Dawlance Pakistan, Avery Dennison, Herbion Pakistan Pvt. Ltd., HRSPL Pvt. Ltd., Artistic Milliners Pvt. Ltd. Al-Khidmat Pakistan, Kiran Foundation, Akhter Textile, International Textile, and K-Electric among others along with a few HR majors students of DSU.

Dr. Perwez Shafi enlightened the audience with his vast knowledge and experience regarding the Employment Act, specifically the Labor Law in a highly interactive manner. Dr. Shafi answered all the burning questions of the HR industry professionals related to the Labor Law and thoroughly explained their legal ramifications.

To shed further light on this topic, at the request of Ms. Tehseen Azhar – Director Alumni Relations, a special appearance was made by Barrister Afnan Saiduzzaman Siddiqui – Barret of Law. He shared his valuable insights regarding the dealings of such cases in the court and highlighted the importance of resolving these issues through an intermediary (through mediation or arbitration) first rather than going to the court directly.

Ms. Tehseen Azhar Director of Alumni Relations and Mr. Ayaz Ali, from HR DOST presented a shield to Dr. Perwez Shafi & Barrister Afnan Saiduzzaman Siddiqui on behalf of DHA Suffa University. At the end of this highly valuable session, all the participants were awarded certificates of participation.

MS Society’s Build-A-Team

Chaos, excitement, and endless fun. These words perfectly sum up MS Society’s Build-A-Team, held on Thursday, 8th April, 2021, at the DSU campus, under the supervision of the chairperson Ms. Sadia Mehboob and Head of Department Dr. Faheem Akhtar.

Seven enthusiastic teams competed in four exciting rounds through the course of the day; practicing teamwork, making memories, and sharing laughter along the way.

During the chaotic first round titled the Minefield, team members became each other’s eyes and ears as they navigated blindfolded through a maze of obstacles.

Then came Shouting in Silence, a game that made everyone laugh their hearts out as teams attempted to pass words down a line of deafened team members.

The photo Scavenger Hunt was the highlight of the day, as participants roamed around campus, looking for objects and completing fun-filled tasks.

Finally, teams searched all over the campus auditorium looking for clues and trying to unlock phones, in a crazy last round titled Unlock!

The exhilarating day came to an end with one team emerging as the winner and going home with a marvelous basket of goodies, and delicious homemade cookies were distributed amongst the remaining participates as a token of appreciation by the organizing committee.

Overall, the event was a huge success, with everyone leaving the premise with a smile on their face, new friends, and unforgettable memories.


Session on ‘Professional Communication and Collaboration’

A session on ‘Professional Communication and Collaboration’ by Mr. Haris Hussain – HR Operations Manager & HRBP at Puma Energy was held through Zoom on April 7th’ was conducted by Ms. Tehseen Azhar – Director of Alumni Relations and Senior Lecturer (MS). The session was exclusively for our graduating students of the Professional Development Course.

Mr. Haris, being a seasoned HR Professional shared his valuable insights to the final semester students regarding the importance of communication and body language for managers, what are the most common body language mistakes and the appropriate gestures and expressions to use in a professional context.


Female Alumni Meet-Up and Empowering Women Gala

DHA Suffa’s Women Empowerment Society held its first Female Alumni Meet-Up and Empowering Women Gala on 6th April 2021. The event consisted of two modules; the first being an alumni panel discussion in which the respected alumni shared their experiences and obstacles they’ve faced as women in Pakistan and how they’ve overcome them. The interactive session prompted students and faculty alike to ask questions and give their opinions.

The second module was held in DSU’s courtyard where ten female entrepreneurs set up their stalls to display their art, jewellery, food, clothes, and beauty products.

Five DSU alumni, as well as women from all over Karachi, came forward to showcase their talents and sell their products. The honourable Pro VC, Dean and other faculty members had high praise for these women and their businesses. Finally, the esteemed guests appreciated the efforts of DHA Suffa University, stating that their efforts to promote female entrepreneurship are an accomplishment in itself.

Self-defense and Firearms Safety Training Course

On April 8th, Ms. Sidra Ahmed ( Lecturer BS IR Program) arranged a one day self-defense and firearms safety training course for the students of BS IR (1st & 2nd semester) on special recommendation of Pro Vice Chancellor Brig. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas. The Special Security Unit (SSU), Sind Police facilitated a comprehensive training course at SSU headquarters wherein 31 Students and 2 Faculty members got trained on self-defense, martial arts and firearms. SSU firearms training course was supervised by Inspector Ch. Shabbir and the martial arts session was conducted by martial arts experts from Sind Police. The students of IR learned the firsthand experience of the working of Special Security Unit, visited different departments, introduced with hi-tech weapons and arsenals, and interacted with police officials.

The closing session was headed by honorable DIG Maqsood Ahmed where he mingled up with the students and shared his passion for improving the professionalism and public reputation of Police department. The session was co-chaired by Commandant SSU, SSP Zeeshan Siddiqui, Principal Secretary Tariq Mustafa and Director General KMC Taha Saleem.

The certificates were distributed among the participants by SSP Zeeshan Siddiqui.




6th Board of Studies (BoS) Meeting

6th Board of Studies (BoS) meeting conducted today to present New Plan of Study for BS (English) & BS(IR) program under the guidelines of HEC New Undergrad Policy 2020. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Fahim Akhtar (HoD Humanities & Social Sciences). The expert in English Professor Talat Rafi connected through zoom session, whereas, Dr. Nausheen Wasi (Assistant Professor -IR , University of Karachi) attended the meeting in person. Our honorable experts shared their valuable insights and suggestions regarding the Plan of Study presented by BS (English) & BS (IR) programs.


DHA Suffa University Conducts Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation

DHA Suffa University conducted a Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) on 25th and 26th March 2021. The objective of the IPE was to self-evaluate the performance effectiveness of the University based on 11 Quality Standards defined in the IPE Manual of HEC. The standards outline major areas that higher education institutions need to focus on in order to secure recognition for good governance and quality education.

The IPE panel comprised of one External Reviewer (Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Mahar, Ex-Director QEC, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur) and three Internal Reviewers (Dr. Haider Ali, HoD Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Rizwan Tanveer, Assistant Professor, and Mr. Zahid Hussain, Lecturer).

The review process commenced on Day 1 with a thorough review by the IPE panel of University Portfolio Report (UPR) along with evidences of responses to questions listed under the 11 Quality Standards. Day 2 of the IPE commenced with a brief introduction of the university processes and a presentation on the Compliance Report of IPE 2018-19 by Dr. Imtiaz Hussain (Director QEC). Day 2 of the IPE was dedicated to meeting the academic and administrative heads of departments, faculty members and students to examine the quality of processes at DHA Suffa University. The panel toured the campus and visited the library, classrooms and laboratories to observe the facilities available on campus.

The panel also met university’s management, Engr. Prof. Dr. Johar Khurshid Farooqi (Dean EAS), Brig. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas (Pro Vice Chancellor DSU) and Engr. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque (Vice Chancellor DSU). The panel appreciated the efforts of DHA Suffa University’s management in maintaining and enhancing the culture of quality.

The self-review process was facilitated by the QEC at DHA Suffa University in collaboration with all the academic and administrative departments.