Awareness Seminars on Quality Assurance for HSS Students

The Quality Enhancement Cell at DHA Suffa University is dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of education and administrative processes. As part of its ongoing efforts to maintain high standards in academia, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) recently organized two seminars on Internal Quality Assessment Mechanisms.

The seminars were conducted by Ms. Fatima Kiran, who serves as the QEC Coordinator HSS. The seminars delved into various aspects of quality assessment, including:

  • Understanding HEC’s Self-Assessment Criteria: Participants gained insights into the criteria set by the HEC for self-assessment purposes.
  • Ranking Criteria and Maximum Scores: The session covered the criteria used for ranking academic programs and the maximum scores assigned to each criterion by HEC.
  • Self-Assessment of Programs: Students were briefed about process of self-assessing academic programs to ensure that all programs meet the required quality standards.
  • Feedback and Survey Forms: Participants learned about the significance of feedback and survey forms in gathering valuable input for program improvement.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): The concept of Continuous Quality Improvement was explored, emphasizing its role in ongoing enhancements to the educational experience.
  • Assessment Outcomes: The session provided insights into how assessments contribute to overall program improvement.

Towards the end of the seminars, students were encouraged to ask questions, fostering an open and interactive learning environment. These seminars aimed to empower students with a deeper understanding of quality assessment processes at DSU and their vital role in maintaining high educational standards.

The seminars were conducted as per the schedule given below:

1Student Awareness Seminar- I (BS Psychology)10th January 2024
2Student Awareness Seminar-II (BS English and BS International Relations)11th January 2024

Mechanical Engineering students visit to Hussein Engineering Works (Pvt.) Ltd.

On December 28, 2023, DHA Suffa University’s fifth-semester Mechanical Engineering students were immersed in a transformative visit to Hussein Engineering Works (Pvt.) Ltd. Organized by Engr. Naveed Ahmed Khatri and accompanied by Engr. Zeeshan Ellahi Vohra, the students witnessed and undertood the complex art of automotive part manufacturing.
Situated in Karachi, Hussein Engineering has been a pioneer in machined casting since 1979, catering as an OEM to Pakistan’s top automotive assemblers. The students were treated to a comprehensive tour, witnessing Sand Casting, Precision Machining with Lathe and CNC Milling machines, CAD Designing, Forging and Heat Treatment, and Material testing.
The management showcased their expertise in crafting Ventilated Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Wheel Hubs, and more, demonstrating their technological finesse. This hands-on experience bridged the gap between theory and practice, enriching the students’ understanding of automotive engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Semester VII students embarked on a remarkable visit to FFBL Power Company Limited

DHA Suffa University’s Mechanical Engineering Semester VII students embarked on a remarkable visit to FFBL Power Company Limited on December 19, 2023. Organized by Engr. Naveed Ahmed Khatri, and accompanied by Engr. Muhammad Wasil and Engr. Naveed, the day featured presentations on FFBL and FPCL, covering company policies, safety guidelines, plant operations and the role of mechanical engineers at FPCL. A lively Q&A session was followed by an exclusive site tour, offering students practical insights into the industry. The day concluded with a networking tea session, enhancing connections with industry professionals. This visit served as a pivotal bridge between theory and practice, enriching the students’ educational journey. DSU is thankful to the host Mr. Basit Iqbal Khan for leading this visit which proved to be an enlightening experience for all.

Electrical Engineering Semester V and VII students recently embarked on a remarkable visit to K-Electric Bin Qasim Power Plant-II

DHA Suffa University’s Electrical Engineering Semester V and VII students recently embarked on a remarkable visit to K-Electric Bin Qasim Power Plant-II, located near Port Bin Qasim, Karachi, Sindh. The visit was organized by Engr. Shahnila Badar and accompanied by Dr. Sunil Kumar. The day commenced with a Safety Induction, followed by a presentation on K-Electric BQPS-complex, plant operations, and the role of electrical engineers at K-Electric.

A lively Q&A session ensued, providing students with the opportunity to engage with industry professionals. An exclusive site tour was conducted, offering students practical insights into the workings of the power plant and the industry as a whole. The day concluded with a lunch, fostering connections with industry experts, and souvenirs were distributed as tokens of appreciation.
The visit served as a pivotal bridge between theoretical and industrial learning, enriching the students’ educational journey.

DSU expresses gratitude to the host, Ms. Mehwish Jabeen, for leading the visit, which proved to be an enlightening experience for all involved.

QEC Training Session for Preparing an Effective SAR

QEC arranged this year’s PT members’ training on 1st December 2023 for preparing effective Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) as per the guidelines of the HEC. Nominated Program Team (PT) members of selected undergraduate and graduate programs participated in this training conducted by Prof. Dr. Johar Khurshid Farooqi (Director QEC) and Mr. Zahid Hussain (Deputy Director QEC).

The training commenced with a briefing on the role of quality assurance, the HEC-prescribed QA mechanism, and the layout of the generic Self-Assessment Report. This also included an in-depth discussion on the SAR’s objectives and details about its various components. They were also given an overview of the previous year’s Self-Assessment cycle to appreciate the significance of their role within the QA cycle and follow it with more vigor and diligence. While explaining Standards 1 to 8, participants were explained how to accurately deal with each Standard by explaining its intent and requirements. The session was interactive, encouraging the PT members to seek clarifications to understand the core process of preparing SARs.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

What an incredible journey we had on October 17th during the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training session conducted by Franklin Covey’s trainer for the faculty members of the Management and Social Science Department, organized by Dr. Asbah Zia, Assistant Professor, and Program Manager for BS Psychology.

The insights shared during this event were truly life-changing. Faculty members learned how to be more proactive, build meaningful relationships, and set the course for personal and professional success. The 7 Habits, as taught by Franklin Covey, have equipped us with the tools to take control of our lives and work towards our goals.

This transformative experience has not only enriched our faculty but also provided valuable knowledge that we can share with our students, making it an excellent addition to our educational arsenal. We look forward to incorporating these principles into our curriculum and fostering personal and professional growth within our department.