DHA Suffa University in association with international School of Business and law (ISOBAL) Organized a seminar on corporate Governance on 9th December 2022.This was a follow up on the seminar held earlier on Corporate Law at the University.

Lead trainer Dr Huma Baqai describe the aspects of accountability, Transparency and Delivery of Corporate Governance. She has been working for both national and international media for more than 20+ years and has a print media presence for 100+ articles

Lead Trainer prof Rahat Aziz, a leading Practitioner in Corporate Law, shared his opinion on history and Principles of Corporate Governance. He has extensive experience of over 30 year of training and teaching Corporate Law in Pakistan.

Prof Iqbal Shafiq, the CEO of ISOBAL thanked the Vice Chancellor Engr. Prof. Dr. Afzal Haque of DHA Suffa University for gracing the occasion and interacting with the organizers at his office before the seminar.

Experiential Learning Series – DSU International Relations Program

As a sequel of Experiential Learning, the International Relations program of DHA Suffa University invited Honorable South Korean Consul General, Mr. Kim Haksung.

His excellency covered the Republic of Korea’s diplomatic, political, foreign policy, economic and social endeavors to become an economic giant despite strategic security threats.

Brig. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas, Pro-Vice Chancellor, DSU moderated the Q&A session.

Overall the talk contributed towards professional grooming of the DSU’s IR Students.

Peace through dialogue

It is crucial to develop and teach our young researchers how to draw lessons from the past and move forward because Pakistan is the world’s leading proponent of peace. Keeping this in view the International Relations Program of DHA SUFFA University invited S.M Mehbubul Alam – Deputy High Commissioner of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Karachi, to discuss Pakistan Bangladesh bilateral relations and to find out the various ways in which Bangladesh and Pakistan might forge close strategic, cultural, political, and economic ties, as well as how both the states can contribute to the creation of a peaceful region. The session turned out highly informative and useful. The students and faculty of BS International Relations displayed great interest, posed several insightful questions later in Q &A session. In the end a shield was presented to the honourable guest for his gracious presence.

A Guest Speaker Session from Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.

A Guest Speaker Session was organized for the students of semester VII enrolled in the Maintenance Engineering course of the Mechanical Engineering Department on Friday, 2nd December, 2022. Deputy General Mananger, Mr. Faisal Majid from Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. along with his team lead the session. Students got a chance to interact 1-1 as well as live demonstration on the training equipment provided by OES.
The session was a great learning opportunity for students as it helped them relate many concepts studied in the classroom to real settings.

Information Session for DSU’s Students on International Education, Career and Summer Camp Opportunities by Managing Director P2Gs

Major General (Retd) Shaukat Iqbal, Managing Director P2Gs (Pakistan to Germany Study), visited DSU on 22nd-Nov-2022 and gave a talk to DSU’s students on the foreign education and career options that students can avail during their undergraduate studies as well as for their postgraduate study plans. The information session was attended by DSU’s Engineering , Computer Science & Management Sciences students, who were informed about some of the renowned European Universities, their degree programs and career pathways that await students in Europe. The session focused in particular on Germany as a promising destination for higher studies and students were apprised of the fact that Germany’s population demographics are such that it needs more and more young educated people to become part of its workforce. Most importantly, the guest speaker enlightened students on how P2Gs, as foreign education & career pathway consultants, can facilitate DSU’s students in their endeavors to study abroad in Germany and have a successful professional career post graduation. The information session was followed by an interactive Q&A during which the guest speaker answered student queries.

An Industrial Trip to Orient Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.

An industrial trip to Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. was arranged for the students of semester VII enrolled in the Maintenance Engineering course of the Mechanical Engineering Department on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. Under the supervision of Engr. Safa Sattar, the students visited Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd where they were able to observe the Health and Safety protocols, Maintenance Principles, OEMs and my plant (Predictive Maintenance) practiced by the industry. A company representative guided the students through the whole process of overhauling, replacements, repairing and testing of the machinery. The trip was a great learning opportunity for students as it helped them relate many concepts studied in the classroom to real settings.