JDC Old Age Home

JDC Foundation Pakistan is working as an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and charitable organization. It works under its own Memorandum of Articles of Association and leadership. Their mission is “to be the principal charitable organization of Pakistan, and be self-reliant and committed to supporting and alleviating human sufferings through providing educational, medical and community support, while acting in compliance with fundamental principles and humanitarian values of the JDC Welfare Organization.”

On 31st December 2018, CSR executive visited Old Age Home of Jafaria Disastrous Cell, and handed over garments and accessories donated by a DSU faculty member. The list of the donated items included shalwar kameez, night suits, ties, jackets, belts, shoes, caps etc. A detailed list along with the quantity of each item is attached.


Indus Hospital Fundraising for Children’s Cancer Hospital

Students of the Community Service Society (DSU-CSS) at DHA Suffa University volunteered at a carnival organized by the Psychosocial Department of Indus Hospital to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Hospital (CCH) on Saturday, 22nd December, 2018.

This was an excellent volunteering opportunity for DSU students.  Fifteen students of DSU will participate in Winter Carnival by Psychosocial Department Indus Hospital, on Saturday, 22nd December, 2018. This was an 8 hour volunteering activity, where students were required to set up game stalls, manage passes and assist the management. The total charity collected will be donated to the Indus Hospital for treatment of cancer patients.

CSR Internship Program at DHA Schools

The Community Service and Sustainability Program (CSSP) at DHA Suffa University (DSU) is based on the theme of giving time or talent for the benefit of a community group (not for profit) that has a genuine need for service.  The CSSP is an action program that allows an individual to learn, serve, and transform their lives. While classroom teaching can help students learn about homelessness, extreme cases of poverty and societal problems, social service is the key enabler to make students learn more dynamically. This form of learning is essential for the success of a student’s professional growth. The CSSP plays an important role in invoking a sense of civic responsibility in an individual. To ensure that DSU’s vision of nation building is materialized, the university has made 60 hours of community service a mandatory requirement for undergraduate students of the Management Sciences Department.

In order to fulfil this requirement, the CSSP department at DSU has been providing the Management Sciences students with various platforms, and has collaborated with different organizations such as The Indus Hospital, The Citizen’s Foundation, Dar-ul-Sukun, etc.

As a part of one family, DSU wishes to engage its students in volunteering opportunities in DHA Schools. In this regard, DSU’s CSR department has been working with DHA schools principals, and it was decided that a pilot CSR internship program will be launched in January.

Interviews for the winter social internship program at DHA Schools were held on 12th December 2018 in conference room DSU, by the principals of DHA Schools. A total of 20 candidates were interviewed, out of which 5 were selected for Tooba School and DA School each. Candidates were selected on the basis of their area of interest, English, Math, sports and arts. The volunteering program will start from 14th January till 30th January.


Gift Distribution to students of DSU Academy

DHA Suffa University’s CSR Department runs a five week literacy program by the name of “DSU Academy”.  The academy is run by Management Sciences students on DSU’s campus, and is attended by underprivileged primary school children from the neighboring slums of DHA Karachi.  Recently gifts were distributed to the DSU Academy students by student volunteers, courtesy of a silent donation received by the CSR Department.

DSU Academy

Students of the Management Sciences Department in collaboration with the CSR department initiated the DSU Community Academy in fall 2017. This program was a literacy elevation initiative aimed at enhancing basic English and Mathematics skills of underprivileged primary school children from the neighboring slums of DHA Karachi at the DHA Suffa University premises. The DSU community academy is run by student volunteers under the supervisor of DSU faculty volunteers and is fully funded by the university. This education initiative will continue as a regular activity at DSU.

The DSU community academy continued in Fall 2018 and was run by 15 volunteers from BBA 1, 2, and 3. The academy started on the 27th September and ended on the 23rd November and students that volunteered in the program earned a total of 18 community service hours. The volunteers were spilt in three groups and each group conducted a two hours session each week. The DSU academy focused on the core subjects of English and Mathematics and also aimed at inculcating an understanding of basic etiquettes among the children. Till date 25 children from the neighboring slum of Qayyumabad have been inducted into the DSU community academy.  This program will be continued in the following semester.

Acts of Kindness

  • Gift pack for student suffering from Cancer

A student of MS department semester 8, was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer stage 4 in July 2018. As a part of CSR activity a gift basket was sent at his residence on behalf of DHA Suffa University. The gifts included:

  • A get well soon card, signed by Vice Chancellor, Dean, ASO and CSR Director
  • Virtual Reality glasses (that will allow him to watch 3D movies while he is undergoing chemotherapy)
  • Car freshener/scent (since he loves driving)
  • Rubik’s cube and a puzzle game
  • Chocolates and chips

The student’s strength of character and faith during this challenging time in his life is commendable and inspiring. He was very grateful for the gift on behalf of the University. The CSR Department is grateful for the Universities continued support for such initiatives.

  • Groceries for widow of deceased electrician who used to work at DSU

On 20th November, 2018, Ms Farhat Umar and Ms Shaharbano Jafri, from the CSR department went to Orangi town at the residence of Mr. Nadeem, an electrician working at DSU who was shot few months ago, to deliver groceries and baby products (for his daughter). The grocery included fresh meat, vegetables, fruits with rice, wheat, pulses, spices, eggs, bread, milk and etc. The total donation funds collected from faculty and management were Rs.60, 000, of which Rs. 20,000 was given in cash and Rs. 20,000 was used for purchase of groceries delivered to them. For the month of December, VC has requested the wife and mother of Mr. Nadeem to visit the university, so he can meet them in person.  The remaining collected donation will be given to them at this time.

Seminar on “Lead and Succeed”, conducted by Ms. Daniya Hassan

A seminar on “Lead and Succeed”, was conducted by Ms. Daniya Hassan for the students of BBA 1, 2 and 3 in the ELT on 8 November, 2018. Being a founder of “Fun to Learn”, Ms. Daniya spoke to the students about the leadership and social entrepreneurship campaign she has launched in Karachi, and how young students can become change agents. Her talk was especially relevant for those students who are currently running the CSR initiative of DSU Academy that provides academic support to less privileged students.

Industrial Visit to PTCL

The students of Mechanical Engineering visited the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) on 30th November’ 18 as part of their learning on the practices of management. A group of about 27 students was accompanied by Ms. Tehseen Azhar. The Management and Human Resource perspective was shared by the HR team of PTCL along with a session with the EVP Technical South of PTCL, Mr Mubashir Naseer Chaudhry. He shared his experiences with us as to how his department grew from the infant stage to having many successful stories, especially in such a challenging economic environment. He also shared that how he used to direct the day to day operations of such a big structure of PTCL. Overall it was a great learning experience for the entire team.

Decision making & Problem Solving Skills- (EPC)

A training on ‘Decision making and Problem-Solving Skills’ was held on 20th November 2018 for Mechanical Engineering students. under the supervision of Ms. Tehseen Azhar. The session featured Certified Human Resource Professionals with the experience of industries including Health care, Technology FMCG, Media & Digital, Mr. Kamil Malik and Mr. Jehanzaib Chughtaee. At the beginning of the session, the trainers talked about the tools and techniques to solve problems more effectively and make better decisions. Also, styles of problem-solving and decision making were discussed with reference to experiences of the audience and how they can plan well to execute decisions effectively. The session concluded with an interesting activity to help students make decisions on their problems and Q&A session.

Corporate Mentorship Program Launch

DHA Suffa University believes that, along with the business education, it’s imperative to equip the students with the essential toolkit required for the transition into the corporate/business world. In line with this and to strengthen the corporate linkages, the “Corporate Mentorship Program” has been launched by the Management Science Department for the final year BBA and MBA students. The kick-off session took place on Wednesday, 5th Dec 2018 at DHA Suffa University and was attended by the selected mentors, mentees, faculty, Vice-Chancellor, Dean and HoD of Management Science. The session started with an overview of the program given by the Program Coordinator, Ms Subeika Rizvi, who highlighted the importance of this initiative and commended the commitment by the mentors and the management of DHA Suffa. This was followed by an extremely uplifting session by the trainer, consultant, Mr Ali Saeed who praised DHA Suffa University for being a pioneer in such a structured program. The Vice-Chancellor of DHA Suffa University, Engr Dr Sarfraz Hussain thanked all the attendees and the organizers and reiterated the commitment of DHA Suffa for bridging the Academia-Corporate gap and providing all support for the implementation of the program. The session ended with a networking session.