IoT based leaked detection in pipeline using EPANET

Pipelines play vital role in transporting Water, Oil, and Gas over short and long distances. For safe and efficient operation, pipelines need efficient and cost effective Leak Detection Systems as they cover hundreds of kilometers. This project provides cost effective Leak Detection System. Moreover Event-based communication protocol is used to minimize the sensor communication resulting in energy saving. The project includes a prototype of pipeline network of 6 Km, pressure, sprinklers for creating a leak, tank, and reservoir for storage of water. The leak can be created using a Human Machine Interface (HMI) developed with the hybrid simulation environment developed using EPANET, Matlab Assignment and LabVIEW.

The distributed real time data from sensors (edge data) are transmitted to the cloud using the POST-HTTP method and display a real-time graph of pressure-distance. The back-end and front-end programming of API and webpage are made on JavaScript with the help of VSC.

Team: Saqib Hasan, Muhammad Hammad Khan, Saad Yar Khan, Muhammad Asad Azer, Aamir Ali.

Advisor: Engr. Dr. Muhammad Sabih

Co-Advisor: Engr. Syed Asad Ali