Internship Opportunities for DHA Suffa University students from FPCCI

FEDERATION OF PAKISTAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (FPCCI) has offered Internships to DHA Suffa University (Fresh Graduates from Management Sciences Department) on a very handsome stipend. This opportunity has opened a new window for career exposure. FPCCI Internship Offer Letter Ceremony held on July 19th, 2021 at DHA SUFFA UNIVERSITY Conference Room addressed by Dr. Afzal Haque (Vice-Chancellor), Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas (Pro Vice-Chancellor), Dr. Johar Farooqi (Dean), Mr. Naqi Azam (Advisor to VC)  and Dr. Sobia Iqbal (Director CSCR).

Many congratulations to DSU BBA final year students: Urooj Fatima, Minahil Qureshi, Syed Muhammad Saad, and Uswa Mehmood. The 6 months internship program has started from 2nd August 2021.


Trip to Ormara, Kund Malir and Princess of Hope

Since its inception, DSU’s Alumni Relations Department has been striving to strengthen its bond with alumni and develop life-long relationships by providing value additions that aid their continuous development.

DSU’s Alumni Relations Department in collaboration with its Corporate Partner Scuba Club arranged a two-day trip to Ormara Beach, Kund Malir and Princess of Hope for the DSU Fraternity. The trip took place on July 24th and 25th, 2021 and turned out to be a great success based on the post-trip feedback from the participants.

This two-day and one-night excursion provided a refreshing break from work and study for many and also aided in uniting and strengthening the DSU network.

Twenty three participants consisting of DSU Alumni, Students and Faculty, went on this adventurous trip where they enjoyed camping, scenic views, bonfires, movie night, music and much more. The participants really appreciated the extra meals that were given as surprise by the organizers.

From Karachi to Ormara, Ormara to Princess of Hope, and from the Buzi Pass to back to Karachi. The participants cherished and valued the efforts of DSU’s Alumni Relation Department & DSU for arranging a safe and secure environment, where they were able to enjoy and connect with their fellow DSU fraternity members.


Session On “The United Nations Common System: Getting To Know And Work In An International Organization”

International Relations Program invited Syed Owais Ahmed who is an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) leader and senior coordinator at United Nations office of Projects and Services (UNOPS), New York. The session was arranged on interest and recommendation of Pro VC DHA Suffa University, Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas with an objective of having a session for the students of International Relations, Computer Science and Management Sciences about the challenges and prospects of working with an international organization. Syed explained the United Nations common systems and the procedure to get into it. He shared his experiences of more than two decades of working in various international organizations including UNO. He appreciated DHA Suffa University for providing their students avenues to explore and to develop better through such interactive sessions with field practitioners and successful professionals.

The session was attended by the limited number of students and Faculty members with complete observance of COVID 19 SOPs. Dean DHA Suffa University Dr. Johar K.  Farooq delivered a thank you note to the honourable guest with a wish for having future coordination and collaboration with DHA Suffa University in the areas of common interest. Ms. Sidra Ahmed, program coordinator International Relations and session organizer also shared her views about the need for having more informative and illuminating sessions by the reputed and seasoned professionals at university for a better exposure and learning of students and Faculty.

SheCan – Women Entrepreneurs Workshop

SheCan – Women Entrepreneurs Workshop organized by The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center (CEID) at DHA Suffa University (DSU) kicked-off on 5th August 2021 with a lot of enthusiasm by the participants and high hopes to start their dream business. The workshop started with an introduction followed by a briefing on the workshop plan. An icebreaking activity was conducted which served as an energizing booster for the participants. This activity helped participants to open up with lots of creative ideas sharing with each other in a friendly manner.
Initially the participants had queries as to how to take the first step to start their business. All their confusions were addressed by sharing stories of successful entrepreneurs combined with detailed discussion on the Ideation process.
Majority of the participants did not know where to start their businesses from, but the workshop facilitator, Ms. Eram Abbasi painted the picture of ideation process in such a way that all participants very excitedly started working on refining their idea. All the queries and puzzlements by the participants were addressed through this highly interactive session.
Successful women entrepreneurs were invited to share their success stories. Ms. Nadia Makhdumi, running her home based business as a nutritionist was invited to share her inspiring entrepreneurial journey and also share some tips for the participants on starting a home based business. She shared lots of tips about adjusting to the situations life throws at you and being patient and calm while learning and growing through new experiences. Another guest speaker Ms. Kanwal Gohar (Alumni of DSU) joined very soon to talk about her business journey. As she started her business during the pandemic situation, she had an exciting story to share regarding the challenges she had to face, and the lessons she learnt throughout.
After the inspiring stories another activity was carried out with the participants which further helped them refine their business ideas.
Dr. Farah Essa, President of Open Karachi was invited to inspire the participants. OPEN being an international platform for businesses to grow, Dr. Farah shared details about how OPEN facilitates entrepreneurs. She supported home-based-women-run businesses by motivating them to not only start their business but also strive to take their business global.
Finally, to end the session an exciting home activity was assigned to the participants. By the end of the session all the participants were highly motivated and energized to start their dream business come to life.


DHA Suffa University (DSU) & SRH University in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in an online ceremony on 5th Aug 2021.  The ceremony was attended by the Rector of SRH University Prof. Dr. Lars Meierling, senior  dignitaries of SRH University including Prof. Dr. Lammerts and Prof. Dr. Claus Wilke, as well as by Prof. Dr. Karl Georg Steffens and Mr. Lutz Fissenewert who played an instrumental role in facilitating this collaboration between DSU and SRH University (Germany).  The scope of the MOU encompasses semester exchange opportunities for DSU’s students, a path-way for DSU’s graduates to pursue postgraduate MS studies at SRH University, as well as the exploration of collaborative avenues for implementation of joint degree programs.  Speaking at the occasion, DSU’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque, DSU’s Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas and Mr. Shahid Zaki , former CEO Philips, said that this MOU will open many avenues for Pakistan’s youth aspiring to pursue higher studies in Germany and embark on professional career paths in the German industry and corporate sector post graduation.  The leadership of SRH University (Germany) expressed eagerness and a strong commitment to work closely with DHA Suffa University for the MOU’s implementation and to make it mutually beneficial for both universities.

MOU signing between DHA Suffa University and Brock University (Canada)

DHA Suffa University and Brock University (Canada) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 30th-July-2021.  The ceremony was attended via video conference by the High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan Excellency Wendy Gilmour, Consul General of Pakistan in Canada Excellency Mr. Abdul Hameed, President of Brock University Dr. Lynn Wells, Dean Faculty of Mathematics & Science at Brock University Dr. Ejaz Ahmed and President of Canada-Pakistan Education Council Mr. Samir Dossal.  Speaking at the ceremony, DHA Suffa University’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque and Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas said that this was an auspicious  landmark occasion, marking the commencement of a new era of academic and research cooperation between DSU and Brock University (Canada), which will facilitate DSU’s students aspiring to access Canadian higher education and will go a long way towards promoting stronger ties between Canada and Pakistan in the higher education sector.  The scope of the MoU encompasses student and faculty exchange as well as research cooperation between the two universities.  The President &  Dean of Brock University expressed a strong commitment to closely work with DSU towards the implementation of various avenues of collaboration agreed upon in the agreement, as well as to explore new possibilities of academic cooperation with DSU.  The High Commissioner of Canada, Pakistan’s Consul General and the President of Canada-Pakistan Education Council, speaking at the occasion, lauded the efforts of both universities for their initiative of entering into an agreement of academic cooperation and expressed their re-assurance over the multiple doorways it will open for Pakistani students desirous of studying in Canada.

Watch the entire MOU signing ceremony on:  <>


MOU between DHA Suffa University & Brock University