Bake Sale Event

DSU Literary Society organized its much awaited event, Bake Sale, on Tuesday, 29th October, and surely the wait was worth the while! The event was surely a triumphant one. It had something for everyone. Retro books to promote the essence of reading which took the readers to the classical times, video games for all the gamers out there where things got feisty and fast at the same time, and of course, delicious Food and cupcakes for everyone!

AdMad 2019

And that’s a wrap!
After weeks of preparation, the Management Science Society held the fourth edition of AdMad on 5th November, 2019. The teams that participated this year truly raised the bar high. The ads were unique, creative, and showcased the brilliant and distinctive mindset of our generation that seemingly aims to shift the paradigm of conventional marketing.
Panel of judges evaluated the ads, there were two judges, Mr. Faisal Ali Khan who is a singer, RJ and a TV Host. He was awarded the Insignia gold medal by the President of Pakistan in 1985. Mr. Khan has toured many countries over the decades and won numerous awards for his melodious singing and naat recitations. He is presently hosting the infamous infotainment show Jahaan Been on ARY News.
Our second guest for the event was Wajeeha Shahid who is the Media Coordinator at Syntax communications, an agency representing innovative brands and leading businesses all over Pakistan. Prior to joining Syntax, she worked in the Standard Chartered Corporate Affairs Department.
Overall the event was a success and appreciated by the attendees!



Dastan-E-Fun Event

DSU Media Society organized an event Dastan-E-Fun for the students of DHA Suffa University. Dastan-E-Fun is a new series that DSU Media Society has launched. The essence of this series is to introduce great personalities currently working in the Media Industry to introduce celebrities and their success stories working in the diverse community of media. This event is a monthly series; its Volume I took place on November 1, 2019.

The event started with the introduction of the series followed by inviting the respected guest of the day, Qawwal Abu Mohammad, who shared the process of writing and performing qawwali in an interview- with two students representing DSU Media Society. He talked about how these ‘kalams’ that they sing and recite are more than just verses; they are a spiritual experience that one feels. Many of Ameer Khusro’s work were discussed and Qawwal Abu Mohammad sang one of his works as well. He shared the meaning behind his new song ‘Aadam’ with Coke studio that is going to be released soon.

The event concluded with the Chairperson, Ms. Sidra Malik, giving the token of appreciation to Qawwal Abu Mohammad for coming to the university, sharing his success story with the audience, and making this a successful event.

Panel Discussion on “The Demise of Poetry in 21st Century”

On the 28th of October, The Public Speaking Society along with the Literary Society organized panel discussion in the ELT on the topic “The Demise of Poetry in 21st Century”, and a healthy debate took place for about good two hours. The audience were also given a chance to put forward their queries and a lot of interesting questions were raised. The main objective of this discussion was to endorse the importance of literature amongst the students.

The discussion carried out in pertinence to the topic. It was graced by the presence of our respected Additional Registrar, Brig. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas, the Director Societies, Ms Naila Shahzada and few of the faculty members. Overall the event was a success and was thoroughly appreciated by the attendees.

2nd Oath Taking Ceremony

The 2nd Oath Taking Ceremony took place on the 17th of October, the event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by National Anthem. The main highlight of the Event was the pledge taken by the newly elected members of the societies which was directed by the Dean, followed by speech from the VC. There were number of mesmerizing musical performances by the students and also a well scripted drama that kept the audience engaged throughout.

The societies also had their active stalls spread across the university to promote their specific societies and engage students especially freshers for inductions. There were a number of fun and educational activities at each of the stalls which were enjoyed by the students. The response of the event was highly positive and it was an overall success.


CrossXcode Event

ACM DSU student chapter actively presents and implements creative ideas for students to promote their interest in Computer Science. The Idea of CrossXcode is one of those. The event took place on the 8th of October 2019 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. CrossXcode is a programming competition, the basic purpose behind this event was to create and promote interaction between students from different levels of a degree program. The competition welcomed participants from any department having programming skills, the participants were required to team up in a group of three such that each student was from 2nd semester, and other two were from 3rd /4th / 5th and 6th semester.

The main idea was to help students of initial semester to learn basic and logic building skills from senior students. Senior Students were supposed to create logic (paper work) and juniors students had to code it to improve their programming skills. Senior students in this way can help their juniors to overcome their weaknesses in the field of programming.

The event had a positive feedback from the students and all the learning outcomes were met which made the event successful.