Seminar on IMechE Design Challenge

Dr. David Ball visited DHA Suffa University on the 9th of October 2018 and gave a briefing on the importance of IMechE Associate Membership and an insight into the IMechE Design Challenge.


DSU MS Society organized AdMad III on 5th December 2018. It was based on the theme of ‘Brand Storytelling’ where students were asked to select a brand from the given industries (Apparel/FMCG/Consumer electronics) and create an ad for their chosen brand by following the brand story telling theme. Students were given one minute to explain their idea to the judges and 3 minutes for the video ads. All the participants were given certificates and cash prizes to the winners
Two external judges were invited at the event.

1. Mr. Shahrukh Nadeem and Mr. Humza Mahfooz.

2. Mr. Shahrukh Nadeem is the head of HR and organizational development at Multinet, Pakistan

Battle X

DSU ACM society organized its mega event Battle X which held at DSU from 29th – 30th November 2018. Students participated in numerous engaging activities and games. The main aim of this event was to provide an opportunity to the participants to interact with each other and learn from various competitions, experiences and also to develop their ability in the artea of group dynamics.

Winter Drive

DSU Community service and conservation society successfully conducted the Winter Drive ’18 . Students and Faculty donated generously in the form of warm clothes, blankets and cash. All the donations received were neatly packed and distributed amongst the needy and homeless.


DSUMUN III organized by DHA Suffa University Public Speaking Society at 16th, 17th and 18th November 2018. The main aim of DSUMUN is to enhance students’ communication and public speaking skills, and the capacity to imbibe knowledge about the world. The number of delegates who attended the conference were more than 250 of which 30% were from our own institute and 70% were outsiders. This puts a record high on the amount of delegates participating in any chapter of DSUMUN.
DSUMUN III comprised of 3 days:
Day 1: In this session they discuss the definitions and boundaries of their topics and parameters of debate.
Day 2: Delegates continued the sessions of debate from day 1. Social night was also organized at the end of the day which was a concert night where there were more than 260 attendees which included external people who were not participating as delegates. Two bands opened for the main performance of Tamasha who achieved the 3rd position in the critically acclaimed ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’.
Day3: The climax of the 3-day conference took place on a bright Sunday on the 18th of November. Delegates were to propose solutions to the problems of their respective topics and for a resolution to be passed by the Dias (Committee Chairs and Assistant Chairs) to bring their committee to a conclusion and claim the conference as successful. The team finally said a heartfelt farewell to DSUMUN III at the closing ceremony conducted after the end of the 3rd day. With chief guest Director Finance PIBT Masood Usmani present to say a few words to conclude the event, he spoke to the audience about the importance of learning through challenging circumstances and competition and commended the President and his team on their immense efforts to relay the message of their moto “Planet Pursuing Peace”

Scratch Day

Pink Day

Lead to Succeed

The Leadership Society of DSU (LDS) organized an ‘Enhancing Professional Capabilities (EPC) Lead to Succeed Seminar’ at the university on October 10, 2018, for the students to unleash their potentials and jolt awake the potential leadership qualities in them. This EPC session was conducted as part of the university’s objective to prepare the youth to become future leaders, innovators, inventors, and visionary professionals
The seminar was led by Mr Shaykh Atif Ahmed and Ms Dania Hasan. Mr Shaykh Atif Ahmed is a professional trainer and CEO of Al-Midrar Institute. He has led several professional trainings and conducted multiple workshops to train and influence the youth, to help uplift many individuals, and to pull them out of depression to reignite passion in their lives. Earning his professional degrees from the University of Houston, Texas, Mr Atif also holds an 8 year degree of Islamic Shariah Academics. He has also been invited to various corporate and international open discussion tours to Qatar. Ms Dania Hasan is the CEO of ‘Fun to Learn’, the youngest high achiever of the Pakistan-US Alumini Network #Under30Series, and has received Emerging Young Leaders Award and Summer Scholarship at John Hopkins, in addition to winning All-Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest.

The speakers delivered a heart-throbbing and tremendously thought provoking session at the DSU Auditorium where they piqued the audiences’ interest, and captured their attention by discussing what it takes to become a great and successful leader. The session was attended and appreciated by students and faculty alike. The seminar closed with the Vice Chancellor’s expression of gratitude as he presented the mementos to the speakers.