Panel Discussion on “The Demise of Poetry in 21st Century”

On the 28th of October, The Public Speaking Society along with the Literary Society organized panel discussion in the ELT on the topic “The Demise of Poetry in 21st Century”, and a healthy debate took place for about good two hours. The audience were also given a chance to put forward their queries and a lot of interesting questions were raised. The main objective of this discussion was to endorse the importance of literature amongst the students.

The discussion carried out in pertinence to the topic. It was graced by the presence of our respected Additional Registrar, Brig. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas, the Director Societies, Ms Naila Shahzada and few of the faculty members. Overall the event was a success and was thoroughly appreciated by the attendees.

2nd Oath Taking Ceremony

The 2nd Oath Taking Ceremony took place on the 17th of October, the event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by National Anthem. The main highlight of the Event was the pledge taken by the newly elected members of the societies which was directed by the Dean, followed by speech from the VC. There were number of mesmerizing musical performances by the students and also a well scripted drama that kept the audience engaged throughout.

The societies also had their active stalls spread across the university to promote their specific societies and engage students especially freshers for inductions. There were a number of fun and educational activities at each of the stalls which were enjoyed by the students. The response of the event was highly positive and it was an overall success.


CrossXcode Event

ACM DSU student chapter actively presents and implements creative ideas for students to promote their interest in Computer Science. The Idea of CrossXcode is one of those. The event took place on the 8th of October 2019 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. CrossXcode is a programming competition, the basic purpose behind this event was to create and promote interaction between students from different levels of a degree program. The competition welcomed participants from any department having programming skills, the participants were required to team up in a group of three such that each student was from 2nd semester, and other two were from 3rd /4th / 5th and 6th semester.

The main idea was to help students of initial semester to learn basic and logic building skills from senior students. Senior Students were supposed to create logic (paper work) and juniors students had to code it to improve their programming skills. Senior students in this way can help their juniors to overcome their weaknesses in the field of programming.

The event had a positive feedback from the students and all the learning outcomes were met which made the event successful.

Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar at DSU

Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women. Pakistan has the largest rate of this cancer in Asia. Over 90,000 females are suffering from breast cancer annually with 40,000 deaths, which means every one out of nine Pakistani woman suffer from breast cancer. However, patients of breast cancer do have high chances of survival. If breast cancer is detected in the earlier stage and proper treatment is given then there is a good chance that this disease can be cured.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar organized by the collaborated efforts of CS&CS and Women Empowerment Society, held on the 27th of September with the help of Shaukat Khanum Hospital at DSU Auditorium was aimed to spread basic awareness and knowledge regarding this disease. This information was necessary because statistics show that Pakistan has the highest number of breast cancer patients but still there is very little awareness about it. Therefore important questions such as what is breast cancer? How does one know if she is experiencing symptoms of breast cancer? When is it appropriate to talk to a doctor? Are a few questions that should be properly answered. The Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar at DSU discussed these and many more issues which were done by highly qualified doctors from Shaukat Khanum Hospital. They discussed a logical framework for diagnosis and numerous causes and hazardous factors. From symptoms to prevention, breast cancer was discussed in detail.

The seminar ended with leaving a huge impact on the students of DSU. The realization of the seriousness of this disease was felt and the students were educated on detecting signs and symptoms of breast cancer on their own. In addition, the precautions and treatments were discussed in detail. The breast cancer seminar helped raise great attention and support for the awareness.




Farewell Party and Annual Dinner

On the 4th of May, DHA SUFFA UNIVERSITY arranged an annual dinner along with Farewell party for the students of the graduating batch Spring 2019. There were number of activities conducted by the students, they participated in number of performances like singing drama and motivational speech etc. The Vice Chancellor and the Dean were invited along with the faculty members of each department to encourage the students. This auspicious night was ended on a happy note with the scrumptious dinner and high spirit! DHA SUFFA UNIVERSITY conveys its heartiest wishes for the graduating batch Spring 2019 and wish them good luck for their future endeavors.

For more pictures of the event, please check the link


MS Ingenious ’19 Event

On 18th and 19th of April, the members of the Management Science Society at DSU organized and executed MS Ingenious’19 under the supervision of Ms. Sadia Mehboob. The event created buzz since it was first of its kind and has been declared as the event of the year by all the participants.

The two-day event consisted of two competitions, Brand Fest and Marvel followed by a soul-stirring Qawali night. The faculty, the organizing team and the participants all contributed in making every phase of the event a complete success.  The MS society plans to launch MS Ingenious as their signature event and will organize the event on regular basis.