Message from the Vice Chancellor

In the last five decades or so the world has witnessed so much exponential growth in scientific and technological fields which it had perhaps never seen in the previous several centuries. Phenomenal increase in scientific inventions, explorations, researches, innovations and technological advancements are all mind boggling and have left no choice for any country but to keep pace with them if they have to survive in the comity of nations with peace & dignity.

Those countries which lack in acquisition of modern knowledge particularly the technical & scientific knowledge would soon be in a disadvantageous position. When we look at the developed nations we visualize that they have progressed mainly because their economies were boosted by innovations which is carried out at the universities. Knowledge economy is a buzz word today which is in fact composed of new knowledge and its ramifications that is also developed at the universities.

Universities are expected worldwide to provide solutions for problems of the communities and industries and produce leaders. The institutions of higher learning have greater responsibilities to secure future of the nations, provide tools to accelerate engines of growth, create competitiveness and lead towards prosperity.

These are the challenges facing our country today which should be taken as opportunities by our students for learning and serving. I am therefore, delighted to welcome the prospective students to DHA Suffa University (DSU) which is a modern center of higher learning for engineering, science and management programs in a conducive academic environment enabling them to nurture their talent and strengths.

Our focus is to raise quality of output, undertake research, steer the university into an arena of academic excellence, foster a vibrant, successful and interactive research community that generates ideas and discoveries, create new fields of knowledge and promote impact-driven research. Stress is laid on pursuit of innovative exploration, translate the ideas into knowledge economy and boost competitiveness and wellbeing for the country. Mentorship of our accomplished faculty is available alongside labs with state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, we are in the process of setting up in-campus facilities for incubation and entrepreneurship and strengthening market-driven skill sets.

Currently a blend of selected degree programs is on offer, duly accredited by the regulatory bodies and demand-driven in the job market i.e. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Business Management. Shortly, we will add few more programs to cope with the burgeoning demand for new technologies/programs. Besides, we have on the anvil strengthening of our postgraduate program offering Ph. D. and Masters in selected technologies. We have future expansion plans to develop our DHA City Campus (DHA Phase-IX on Super Highway) to meet the upcoming demand for more technologies and new programs.

It is hoped that soon you will become a part of DSU community of graduates and alumni network globally.

Engr. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque
Vice Chancellor, DSU
PhD (Mechanical Engineering/Nuclear Engineering), University of Manchester, UK