MS Society’s Build-A-Team

Chaos, excitement, and endless fun. These words perfectly sum up MS Society’s Build-A-Team, held on Thursday, 8th April, 2021, at the DSU campus, under the supervision of the chairperson Ms. Sadia Mehboob and Head of Department Dr. Faheem Akhtar.

Seven enthusiastic teams competed in four exciting rounds through the course of the day; practicing teamwork, making memories, and sharing laughter along the way.

During the chaotic first round titled the Minefield, team members became each other’s eyes and ears as they navigated blindfolded through a maze of obstacles.

Then came Shouting in Silence, a game that made everyone laugh their hearts out as teams attempted to pass words down a line of deafened team members.

The photo Scavenger Hunt was the highlight of the day, as participants roamed around campus, looking for objects and completing fun-filled tasks.

Finally, teams searched all over the campus auditorium looking for clues and trying to unlock phones, in a crazy last round titled Unlock!

The exhilarating day came to an end with one team emerging as the winner and going home with a marvelous basket of goodies, and delicious homemade cookies were distributed amongst the remaining participates as a token of appreciation by the organizing committee.

Overall, the event was a huge success, with everyone leaving the premise with a smile on their face, new friends, and unforgettable memories.


Female Alumni Meet-Up and Empowering Women Gala

DHA Suffa’s Women Empowerment Society held its first Female Alumni Meet-Up and Empowering Women Gala on 6th April 2021. The event consisted of two modules; the first being an alumni panel discussion in which the respected alumni shared their experiences and obstacles they’ve faced as women in Pakistan and how they’ve overcome them. The interactive session prompted students and faculty alike to ask questions and give their opinions.

The second module was held in DSU’s courtyard where ten female entrepreneurs set up their stalls to display their art, jewellery, food, clothes, and beauty products.

Five DSU alumni, as well as women from all over Karachi, came forward to showcase their talents and sell their products. The honourable Pro VC, Dean and other faculty members had high praise for these women and their businesses. Finally, the esteemed guests appreciated the efforts of DHA Suffa University, stating that their efforts to promote female entrepreneurship are an accomplishment in itself.

Anti-Corruption Day Competitions

DHA Suffa University organized an “Anti-Corruption Day” on 16th November 2020, for its students by the efforts of DSU’s Character Building society. This event provided a platform for the students to raise their voice against corruption through speeches, essays and posters.

Many students of DSU’s different departments took part in this competition. It was an important event because it gave the students an opportunity to share their thoughts and speak up about this critical issue of our country. Character building society gave them a platform to present their ideas and recommendations in a very effective way and the event was successfully conducted because of the teamwork of the students.

The first module of the competition was for speech, then essay and the last one was for Poster / painting; all of these modules highlighted the negative impact of corruption in our society. After the completion of each module, the judges presented their general ideas and gave valuable suggestions to the students. Vice Chancellor Engr. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque was the chief guest of this event. The encouraging words of the VC, the suggestions of the judges as well as the support of the SSCC department played a vital role in making this event a success. In the end of the event, shields and certificates were presented by the VC to those students who showed outstanding performance in this competition.



On 17th of December, DSU STEM Society in collaboration with DSU Community Service & Conservative Society organized STEMATHON’19. The aim of this event was to promote Science & Technology amongst the students. Students from different Schools, Colleges & Universities participated in the event & displayed their skills. STEMATHON’19 covered up Technical and Non-Technical Modules. Technical Modules included Experiment Station, Bridge Building competition, Aerodynamic Competition and Mathematics Quiz whereas Non-Technical Modules included Fifa, Chess, CS 1.6 etc. At the end of the day, the winners of all the modules got the winning prizes. Overall, the event was successful.


DSUMUN IV Launch Ceremony

DSUMUN IV presents to you the official launch ceremony of the DSUMUN IV event which took place on the 6th of December 2019. It was a ceremony to introduce the committees that the delegates have to look forward to as well as the much awaited DSUMUN IV logo reveal video. DSUMUN IV is back in action and ready to expand its horizons to places we have yet to see.

Celebrating Leaders of Pakistan

DSU Leadership society held an event on the 18th of November on “Celebrating Leaders of Pakistan”. The main purpose of the event was to pay tributes to our leaders for the sacrifices they made for Pakistan! Prior the event, the interview was taken from the honorable Muhammad Aslam Jinnah at his house to learn more about the struggles of our leaders. His message to the youth was to “Always respect your elders ” as this is the only way to get success in life.

Overall the event was a huge success and fulfilled the objective!