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Broadening the Horizon of Electrical Engineering Education | Dr. Imtiaz Hussain | DSU Electrical Engineering

In the new millennium, diversification is the essence of successful professional life. An Electrical engineer fulfilling the technological needs of future is required to develop sustainable solutions which encompasses cross inter-discipline concepts along with Electrical Engineering concepts. Here at DSU EE Dept. we have transformed our Electrical Engineering curricula in order to fulfil the future […]

Atmospheric Water Generator ATG By Temperature Controlling Using Peltier Device

The project (Atmospheric Water Generator ATG By Temperature Controlling Using Peltier Device) aims to design a clean water production unit. The unit condenses humid air, collects water, and makes the water drinkable. Atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a unit that incorporates Peltier Cells. They are designed to condense the humid air by controlling the dew […]

Session on Role of Teachers in Nation Building

An interactive session on the “Role of Teachers in Nation Building” was held in the Executive Lecture Theatre of DHA Suffa University on September 30, 2020. The session was conducted by Vice Admiral (R) Syed Arifullah Hussaini, HI(M), President Nation Building Initiative, a society formed to unify the people of Pakistan through social harmony and […]

Smart Controlling And Generation Of Electric Power Through Renewable Energy Sources

The controlling of active yaw mechanism of a small-scale wind turbine was designed by Electrical Engineering students. The generated voltage and measured wind speed obtained by the sensors was used to control the yaw mechanism of wind turbine, to get maximum power from the wind turbine. Students designed a control algorithm which was rotating the […]

EE Quiz Competition: Electromagnetism-Q1O2

Winner will earn Rs.10000 along with a chance to work in EE lab to get hands-on experience on the quiz topic. Submission must be sent on eedsuphysics@gmail.com. The Department of Electrical Engineering at DHA Suffa University launches a monthly quiz competition about Physics. The motivation behind this initiative is to celebrate the works of famous […]

Computer System Specialization

Admissions Open for Fall 2020 in Computer System Specialization. Earn the degree of Engineering while studying the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks and Architecture, Internet of Things and many more emerging technologies and trends in the field of Computer Systems. 

Faculty Learning and Development Workshop

On September 24th 2020, the Department of Career Services and Corporate Relations (CS&CR) in collaboration with Management Sciences Department organized a Faculty Learning and Development Workshop for all the Faculty of DSU in the ELT of DHA Suffa University. The objective of organizing Faculty Learning and Development Workshop was for Lecturers to achieve teaching innovation, […]