EE Quiz Competition: Electromagnetism-Q1O2

Winner will earn Rs.10000 along with a chance to work in EE lab to get hands-on experience on the quiz topic. Submission must be sent on The Department of Electrical Engineering at DHA Suffa University launches a monthly quiz competition about Physics. The motivation behind this initiative is to celebrate the works of famous physicists by inviting engineering/sciences students to participate in the quiz. Students who have not started undergraduate University studies are eligible for participation.

In case of any query please Contact 0333-3148982, 0345-3058901

Computer System Specialization

Earn the degree of Engineering while studying the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks and Architecture, Internet of Things and many more emerging technologies and trends in the field of Computer Systems.

Power Systems Specialization

Power Engineering Specialization in Electrical Engineering Dept of DSU is one of the pioneers in integrating energy trading and energy optimization in Electrical Engineering curriculum. Join now and study with the experienced and professional faculty well rehearsed in modern Power Engineering implementations.

Real Time DSU Attendance System Using Facial Recognition

Meet our exceptional student group from the department of Electrical Engineering who have proposed Facial Recognition solutions in their final year project to automate the manual attendance system used in Educational Institutes. They have made us all proud at various national and major international platforms including Teknofest 2020, Turkey and IEEE Icetas 2019, Malaysia by representing the department of Electrical Engineering, DHA Suffa University under the guidance of their supervisors.

Members: Aireen Amir Jalal, Ammara Shaikh, Muhammad Moiz Hassan, Kanza Ashraf

Supervisor: Engr. Muhammad Owais

Co-Supervisor: Engr. Anas Bin Iftikhar


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