Interview of Director PDC with Jehan Newspaper

Visit to Herbion Pakistan

We at DHA Suffa University firmly believe that students can learn more by interacting with experts in their field. For this purpose, many educational visits are organized at DHA Suffa University to make students more aware of the current practices being followed in the industry. The Management Sciences Department arranged a visit to Herbion Pakistan to provide students with a hands-on learning experience in Supply Chain Management. Students visited Herbion premises on 8th June 2022 where they were given a warm welcome by the management followed by a very interactive session by the Head of Supply Chain and Head of Human Resources.

The Head of the Supply Chain department explained the concept of an extended supply chain and all the different elements involved in it. He also told students about the importance of planning in the supply chain and the problems faced by the company during COVID 19 and how Herbion countered them. Lastly, he guided students in the different areas where they can pursue their careers in Supply Chain Department. It was an interactive session with the supply chain head and students questioned him on different concepts and cleared their queries.

The lecture of Head of Human Resources was followed by the lecture of Head of Supply Chain. She informed students about the Human Resources practices at Herbion and encouraged them to apply for internships as those students who complete their internships with a good recommendation from their immediate supervisors stand a good chance of getting a job at Herbion. The Head of Human Resources also showed a corporate movie enlightening students about the company and the community support program that they are doing at Herbion.

Lastly, the students were taken for a visit to the raw material packaging store to get an idea of how raw materials are managed at the store. The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and were thankful to Herbion management for providing them with a very good learning experience.

Career counselling event titled “And Sky is Not the Limit”

Literary Society and the English Program arranged a career counselling event titled “And Sky is Not the Limit” addressed by a renowned grammarian, writer and civil servant, Ms. Bakhtawar Saario.


Pre- launch session of IR Club

Another Pre- launch session of IR Club held on 13th of June
Invitees: Team AIESEC
Attendees: BS IR Students and Faculty
Aim: AIESEC is a global platform for young people to develop their leadership potential through practical experiences of many kinds, including internships, volunteering opportunities, corporate interns and more.
Prospects: to inculcate global leadership, social responsibility, social and interpersonal skills among students from age 18-30 years.
Organized by: IR Club

Industrial trip to KTDMC

An industrial trip to KTDMC was arranged for the students of semester IV students enrolled in the Manufacturing Engineering course of the Mechanical Engineering Department on Friday, June 10, 2022. Under the supervision of Engr. Safa Sattar and Engr. Musab Naseem the students visited KTDMC where they were able to observe the die and mould making processes. A company representative guided the students through the design related challenges, reverse engineering of Molds and dies. Students also observed material removal processes such as milling and turning related processes and Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) processes. The trip was a great learning opportunity for students as it helped students relate many concepts studied
in the classroom to real life settings.

DSU’s student visit to Pakistan Stock Exchange

An educational trip was organized by the Management Science Department to the Pakistan Stock Exchange on June 7th for the BBA and BS A&F students. The objective of this trip was to put the financial learning in practical perspective, show students the PSX and its operations and to create awareness about the investment and career paths available in the capital markets. The presentation by the management of PSX shared the investment culture in Pakistan along with the avenues of investments. The data portal of PSX was also shared with the students which would give them a virtual platform to practice their portfolio investment and give them confidence to enter the financial market as an investor. The students also visited the trading floor and interacted with some of the brokers to learn more about trading. It was a very interactive learning experience for all the students and many of their queries were answered and it also helped clear a lot of myths about the financial sector. Such events are the need of the time as they also help bridge the industry academia gap and open up career prospects for the students. At the end of the trip certificates are provided by PSX to students for their participation in the event.