RESEARCH SEMINAR- II from Department of Management Sciences

DHA Suffa University hosted its ‘Research Seminar – II’ from the Department of Management Sciences. The event took place on Tuesday, 29th June 2021 at Executive Lecture Theatre (ELT), DHA Suffa University, Karachi, Pakistan. Dr. Sobia Iqbal Asst. Professor DHA Suffa and the organizer of the session stated that the idea behind this seminar was to empower and enable a research approach in students with shared knowledge and activity-based learning on various research-related topics. This seminar expects to provide the participants a platform to present research approaches with transformational perspectives to business challenges and opportunities. The 32 groups of undergraduate and postgraduate students presented their researches in the following domains: Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Human Resource Management. The aim of this event was to build and showcase students’ research and presentation ability which are an important academic skills to possess.

The opening address was presented by Dr. Sobia Iqbal and Ms. Aisha Shams. A positive welcoming note and remarks were given by the Dean of the Institution, Dr. Johar Farooqi. Furthermore, welcome note and positive remarks were also expressed by Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas, Pro Vice Chancellor and Dr. Faheem Akhter, HoD Management Sciences at DHA Suffa University. The esteemed experienced guests presented for research evaluation were Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan, Dr. Shamaila Burney and Dr. Adnan Butt brought the experience of academia. Furthermore, experienced guests Mr. Mustafa Yousuf and Mr. Muhammed Murad Alam helped bring the industry experience to the table. The research aimed to help students better understand and bridge the gap between the research and practical industry domains and fields.

Session On Study Abroad – Germany

IEEE DSU Student Branch with assistance of Electrical Engineering Department DHA SUFFA UNIVERSITY organized a 0.5pt CPD activity on “STUDY ABROAD” with Engr. M. Ovais Assistant Professor EE Dept. Engr. Ovais shared different aspects of his experience as a student in Germany.

Session On Study Abroad – South Korea

IEEE DSU Student Branch with assistance of EE Department DHA SUFFA UNIVERSITY organized a 0.5pt CPD activity on “STUDY ABROAD” our first episode is with Engr. Dr. Bizzat Hussain. He shared different aspects of his experience as a student in South Korea.


Webinar on “Modern Practices in Supply Chain Management”

A hybrid mode webinar entitled “Modern Practices in Supply Chain Management” was held on 23rd June 2021  at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI ) headquarters in Karachi. It was jointly chaired by President FPCCI Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo –  and Vice Chancellor DSU Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque whereas Ms. Farhat Umar Director PDC conducted the said webinar.

The initiative was spearheaded by Prof. Naqi Azam, Advisor to the VC DHA Suffa University and Sheikh Sultan Rehman – VP FPCCI. This landmark event was a first in DSU history with FPCCI.

The collaboration between DSU & FPCCI is to bridge academia and industry.  Such corporate linkages in economic & business sectors in Pakistan are a giant leap forward in the right direction. The webinar was highly interactive followed by a vibrant questions and answers session.

It was largely attended by Pakistan’s industrialists and SME business owners including participants from Malaysia via Zoom.


Poetry Symposium

Session on ‘Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution’

A session on ‘Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution’ by Barrister Afnan Saiduzzaman Siddiqui – Chief Operating Officer – National Centre for Dispute Resolution Pakistan, Managing Partner – J. Saiduzzaman Siddiqui & Co. LLP and member of the legal team of Chief Minister Punjab was conducted through Zoom on June 18th, 2021 by Ms. Tehseen Azhar – Director of Alumni Relations and Senior Lecturer (MS). The session was scheduled exclusively for the HR Elective course.

The session was also attended by Brig (Retd). Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas – Pro-VC DSU, Brig (Retd). Syed Muhammad Rafique Ahmad SI (M) – Director Admin & Coordination DCK, Ms. Saima Sardar Khan – Lecturer DSU, Ms. Sidra Ahmed – Lecturer DSU and Mr. Saad Mursaleen -Regional Sales Manager (South) MaxGreen Energy.

The objective of this session was to prepare the students to effectively manage disputes/conflicts in professional and personal world, and how they can turn these tense situations into productive negotiations that help in forging strong relationships.


Motivational talk on “Positive Mental Attitude is Altitude” by Saeed Anwar

Motivational talk by Mr. Saeed Anwar was arranged by Director Sports /Assistant Professor Mr. MoinulAtiq and his team under the supervision of Brig. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas (PVC) to inculcate a positive and healthy approach to life that helped him to succeed in the sport field and made him a world-class athlete. He said that the most important element of success is focus on one thing rather than diverting attention on numerous activities without proper direction.

We would like to thank all DSU athletes who worked very hard to make this event successful. Also we would thank MS, EE, ME, CS, HSS Department for the way they got enthusiastically involved and supported the event. Last but not the least, the way PVC facilitated was extraordinary.

DHA Suffa emphasizes on holistic character building and the message of Saeed Anwer fits its vision.


MOCK Interviews Spring 2021

Mock Interviews session was conducted through Zoom by Ms. Tehseen Azhar – Director of Alumni Relations and Senior Lecturer (MS). The panelists for the session were Ms. Farah Fayyaz Assistant Manager HR – SSGC, Mr. Abdullah Baig Assistant Manager HR – Habib Oil Mills, Mr. Bilal Ali Khan HR Manager – Lime Software Logics and Mr. Syed Naushad Rabbani Deputy Manager HR – Opal Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. This session was scheduled exclusively for the students of the Professional Development Course.

The objective of these interviews was to offer graduating students a simulation of actual job interviews and allow them to receive immediate feedback. The session was attended by 45+ final year students of the MS Department.


Session on “How HR Role Has Transformed In The COVID-19 Crisis”

A session on ‘How HR role has transformed in the COVID-19 crisis!’ by Mrs. Hubna Farhan – Head of HR & OD at Adamjee Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. was held through Zoom on June 10th, 2021 was conducted by Ms. Tehseen Azhar – Director of Alumni Relations and Senior Lecturer (MS). The session was exclusively for the students of the Human Resource Management (HRM) course.

Mrs. Hubna Farhan being a seasoned HR Professional with over 14 years of experience in the manufacturing industry including all leading sectors like Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Textile shared her valuable knowledge and experiences with the students simply and interactively.

She described ‘change’ as a forced thing, as it’s in basic human nature to stay in their comfort zone. According to her, the Covid-19 crisis has turned out to be a lifestyle changer and is considered a new normal. She then described the two main challenges faced by the HR department, first one was to manage the operations of their department, and the second one was to create an integrated joint experience where everybody feels comfortable and valued so that the business processes flow smoothly and employees can perform their parts remotely.

Most of the organizations are now optimally utilizing the interactive HR module due to the crisis, as they have no other option but to go digital. This shift to digitalization has also drastically changed the work style of top management as there is less physical interaction with the employees. This saves them time which they can utilize more productively. Going digital has helped HR is reducing discrimination and politics at the workplace as the data & objectives are there for all relevant personal to see and evaluate the performance of the employees.

HR department workload is doubled in this Covid-19 crisis, as they first have to get the training themselves and then have to train the employees to do their respective tasks effectively. Apart from this, the HR department also has to make time to focus on the successful implementation of the transformation agenda of the whole organization.

According to her, the HR department now matters more than every other department and an HR professional is now considered a Super Man of the organization.

In the end, a Q/A session took place which the students utilized effectively by asking HR-related questions from Mrs. Hubna Farhan and gaining valuable knowledge from her insightful answers.