Meeting with the President KCCI

Director Professional Development Centre met Muhammad Idrees President KCCI and Qazi Zahid Hussain Vice President for a meeting at the Karachi Chambers of Commerce KCCI along with the team of National youth assembly. A lengthy discussion regarding the youth development was done. A need for the Universities to conduct teacher training workshops, seminars and conferences was proposed. Help and facilitation was promised to the Universities for the growth and development of the youth.

MOU Signing between DSU & International School of Business & Law

The Chief Executive Officer of International School of Business & Law, Mr. Iqbal Shafi visited DHA Suffa University on 29th April, 2022. The two institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding in a ceremony on the day. This MoU was signed to jointly hold classes at Diploma Level in Law in the short term followed by a Degree Level Program.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Iqbal Shafi, DSU’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque, DSU’s Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas and Ms. Jessica Janet Jarrar, Director, Professional Development Center, DSU.

The leadership of DSU & IOBAL both expressed eagerness and a strong commitment to work closely for the MOU’s implementation and to make it mutually beneficial for both the organizations.


“Super-Learning Systems”

On April 13, 2022, The Professional Development Center (PDC) of DHA Suffa University in collaboration with Futuristic Learning U.S.A. conducted an awareness session on “Super-Learning Systems” for its students, faculty, staff and guests. The event was held in DSU’s Auditorium.

The session was conducted by Ms. Sania Alam, Super-Learning Master Trainer at Futuristic Learning U.S.A. Sania brought with her almost 20 years of experience in memory development. She briefed the audience how humans can develop their learning skills such as Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory Skills development, achieve MORE in LESS time with Greater speeds.

During the session she coached the audience with a breathing and concentration building exercise that would help them in managing and controlling their body and mind in any stressful situation.
The proceedings of the sessions were orchestrated by Ms. Jessica Janet Jarrar, Director, Professional Development Center, DHA Suffa University.

The Chief Guests at the program were Dr. Iqbal Afridi (Dean, College of Physicians of Pakistan) and Dr. Kiran Hashmi (Professor, Ziauddin University) who shared their views on the subject. Both the honoured speakers emphasized and communicated the importance of positive and mindful approach towards life.

The Pro Vice Chancellor, Brig. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas appreciated the tremendous work being done by Ms. Sania Alam and her team. He thanked the chief guests in attendance for their time and sharing their vision with the university’s faculty, students and staff.

The session concluded with the presentation of shields and gifts to the visitors and guests.


Diploma in Data Science

On March 27, 2022 DHA Suffa University concluded the “Diploma in Data Science”. This Diploma Program attained its targets through a conducive blend of theory and hands-on training sessions.

Diploma in Data Science was implemented by our faculty members Mr. Usman Khalil and Mr. Sabah Quaiser, of the Computer Science Department. The participants appreciated their instructors and the program.

The Director Professional development Center Ms. Jessica Janet Jarrar led the certificate distribution ceremony. She reiterated that Data Science exists everywhere, to be honest, every exchange and interaction on any technological domain includes a certain set of data. She wished her best to the Diploma Graduates.

She valued the efforts of the instructors and wished all the best for the program’s future at DSU.

Seminar on “Post COVID-19 Global Supply Chain Crisis”

Seminar on “Post COVID 19 Global Supply Chain Crisis”

A joint seminar was held by FPCCI and DHA Suffa University on “Post COVID 19 Global Supply Chain Crisis” on 16th December, 2021 in the Executive Lecture Theater at DHA Suffa University.  The seminar was attended by DSU faculty, staff and Industry representatives.

Ms. Farhat Umar, Director PDC & CSR and Senior Lecturer Supply Chain management kicked off the event by discussing how the Global Supply Chain Crisis unfolded post COVID 19, leading to high inflation rates throughout the world.  She discussed the cascading impact that supply chain disruptions including container shortages, cargo ships traffic jams on sea, truck driver shortages, component delays and port congestion had on the global economy.  She elaborated how after a global recession, the world saw a dip in real GDP in 2020 followed by higher demand of goods with limited supply which has led to global inflation, rising prices of food, brent oil and a rise in inequality throughout the world.  She also discussed how Supply Chains are will become regionalized going forward, and businesses will learn to do Business Continuity Planning to survive similar challenging circumstances.

The chief guest of the event, Mr. Haif Lakhani, Vice President of FPCCI gave a detailed account of how the Pakistani Businessmen managed and mitigated the Supply Chain disruptions.  He explained how Pakistan textile sector has seen a global rise in demand for their products like never before.  Similarly a number of new opportunities have emerged in the wake of COVID- 19, and there are many opportunities for young people as the country steadily moves towards industrialization.

Mr. Naqi Azam, Advisor to VC DHA Suffa University discussed how Disaster Management, Blockchain and Supply Chain management are gaining importance globally.  He moderated a panel discussion where he unveiled exciting new foreign blended Supply Chain Management programs that the University is planning to launch in 2022.  He discussed new opportunities in Supply Chain Management for the young generation.

The Vice Chancellor of DSU, Dr. Afzal Haque gave closing remarks at the seminar.  He summarized the Supply Chain crisis, its impact on Pakistan and the way forward.

Finally, Mr. Tausef Aziz, Convener at FPCCI and founder of Karachi Global Market (KGM) gave a brief introduction to his organization which will give students of Universities in Karachi a chance to market their business ideas to a larger public.  He explained how students can get involved in the initiative.

Seminar on “Post COVID-19 Global Supply Chain Crisis”

Session on “Soft Skills in the 21st Century”

On Wednesday 20th October, 2021 the Professional Development Center, DHA Suffa University organized a one-day training program on “Soft Skills in the 21st Century” for the benefit of the faculty & non-teaching staff of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and the Computer Engineering Departments.

The session was led by Mr. Noor Ali who has an experience of 25 years in the Silicon Valley, working with an organization like CISCO he gained experience in New Product Launch, Supply Chain Management, Product Life cycle Management and Cost Reduction Strategies.

Mr. Ali is an educationist and a Career Counselor with a passion to mentor and coach people to achieve their career objectives.

He eloquently briefed the audience about the strategies to overcome the gap between the industry and academia. He shared his thoughts and designs on effective teaching and how an instructor can engage and motivate his/her students. He also shared his views on how the 3-Ds of teaching styles i.e Directing, Discussing and Delegating can promote learning and how this can mutually benefit the teacher and the learners.

Acquisition of time-management skills was stressed by the speaker. Prioritizing and multitasking were regarded as need of the day. Lastly, he spoke to the audience about the seven C’s of communication. He very eloquently explained the use and effectiveness of the principles of communication.

The session was concluded with a Q&A session followed by a vote of thanks and presentation of a plaque of appreciation to Mr. Noor Ali by Engr. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque, Vice Chancellor, DHA Suffa University.



Avail the opportunity of a free international certification through Coursera

Dear Students,
Given that summer semester is in full swing, and hopefully you have more time now, I would request for you to please consider availing the opportunity of a free international certification through Coursera.
As you all know, DHA Suffa University has partnered with Coursera in January this year. As per our agreement, all students can avail 1 free certification (cost of earning a Coursera course without availing this partnership facility is $50). This partnership is valid till January 2022.
Information on how to sign up for Coursera courses can be viewed at
Benefits of benefits of taking Coursera courses include:
* Learning in demand technology and business skills
* Interactive online learning facilities
* Students can earn job relevant certifications which will help them in the job market
For further information or queries, you contact may contact PDC Coordinator, Mr. Noman Bashir at . His phone extension is 206.
We look forward to you availing this opportunity.

Webinar on “Modern Practices in Supply Chain Management”

A hybrid mode webinar entitled “Modern Practices in Supply Chain Management” was held on 23rd June 2021  at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI ) headquarters in Karachi. It was jointly chaired by President FPCCI Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo –  and Vice Chancellor DSU Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque whereas Ms. Farhat Umar Director PDC conducted the said webinar.

The initiative was spearheaded by Prof. Naqi Azam, Advisor to the VC DHA Suffa University and Sheikh Sultan Rehman – VP FPCCI. This landmark event was a first in DSU history with FPCCI.

The collaboration between DSU & FPCCI is to bridge academia and industry.  Such corporate linkages in economic & business sectors in Pakistan are a giant leap forward in the right direction. The webinar was highly interactive followed by a vibrant questions and answers session.

It was largely attended by Pakistan’s industrialists and SME business owners including participants from Malaysia via Zoom.