Semester 1
S.No. Course Title Credit Hours
1 Elective 1 3
2 Elective 2 3
3 Elective 3 3
Total 9
Semester 2
Course Title Credit Hours
4 Elective 4 3
5 Elective 5 3
6 Elective 6 3
Total 6
Semester 3
Course Title Credit Hours
7 Written Comprehensive Exam & Proposal Defence
Total 6
Semester 4
Course Title Credit Hours
8 PhD Dissertation 12
Total Semester Credit Hours 12
Semester 5
Course Title Credit Hours
9 PhD Dissertation 12
Total Semester Credit Hours 12
Semester 6
Course Title Credit Hours
10 PhD Dissertation 12
Total Semester Credit Hours 12
Total Credit Hours Required = 54

Elective Courses for PhD in Computer Science

Area Course title
Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing Ubiquitous Computing
Mobile Application Development
Mobile & Wireless Computing
Mobile Software Engineering
Cloud & Cluster Computing Cloud Computing
Social Computing
Cluster & Grid Computing
Concurrent & Distributed Computing
Big Data Analytics
Computational Social Science
Data Mining
Bioinformatics Introduction to Bioinformatics
Computational Biology
Biological Data Management
Computational Genomics
Protein Sequence & Structural Analysis
System Biology
Computational Linguistics Natural Language Processing
Statistical NLP
Computational Grammar
Machine Learning
Computational Morphology
Computer Graphics and Visualization Advanced Computer Graphics
Physically based Animation in Computer Graphics
Mobile Graphics Programming on Android
High Performance Computing using
Graphics Programming in the Web Browser using WebGL
Mathematical Methods in Computer Graphics
Introduction to GPU Programming using
Scientific Visualization