Mr. Syed Shah Sultan Mohiuddin


(On Leave)

• M.S in Applied Mathematics
• NED University of Engineering and Technology

1. Khan,N. A.; Mohiuddin,S.; Baig,M. M.; & Minai,T. A. (2014). Statistical Analysis of Constraints Acquiring Higher Secondary Education. International Journal of Database Theory & Application, 7(2).
2. Mohiuddin,S.; Hussain,Z.; Haseen,N.; Ahmed,R. Verification of Conversion Formulae by Taking Chest Circumference on Skin, Tight-fitting and loose-fitting Clothing in 3-7 year old children. Health Science: An International Journal.2011,1(1): 9-15

Research Interests:
• Public Transportation Operations
• Vehicle Routing Problems
• Traffic Signals Optimization
• Intelligent transportation system

Contact Information: