Dr. Ahmed Hussain discussing DSU’s Mechanical Engineering program

Honorable member of our faculty Dr. Ahmed Hussain represented Mechanical Engineering department in an interview that was on-air on Metro News. He further discussed about different opportunities that our Mechanical Engineering students can avail.

Watch this video to know how we facilitate our Mechanical Engineering students.

HoD EE discussing on the importance Electrical Engineering Education

Engr. Dr. Salman Zaffar, HoD EE discussing the importance of basic sciences in the 21st century electrical engineering education. EE Department strives to produce Electrical Engineers who are more of design engineers than just maintenance engineers. Join DSU EE Department and be part of this amazing institute.

B.E Electrical Engineering with Specializations in
1) Computer System Engineering (NEW)
2) Power Engineering
3) Electronics Engineering
4) Telecommunication Engineering

B.E Electrical Engineering Program is accredited by PEC and HEC

Engr. M. Asadullah Siddiqui Discussing DSU’s Electrical Engineering Programs

Our esteemed panelist Engr. M. Asadullah Siddiqui, was on-air on Metro News to discuss about our Electrical Engineering programs.
Watch this video to know about what facilities we offer for our engineering students.

S.M.A.R.T Facility Control For Buildings

FYP’s International Recognition, Exposure, and Publication at Undergrad Level.
Students under the Supervision of Engr. Dr. Bizzat Hussain published a paper in IEEcon 2019, Thailand. It was sponsored by IEEE Power & Energy Society – Thailand
The project was related to an application of energy trading in smart grid. In this project, students gave an idea about using energy from households to power facility services such as pumping stations, community halls, street lights etc. in a building or society. They used combinatorial auction as platform to assign the energy to various facility services.

Supervisor: Engr. Dr. Bizzat Hussain Zaidi

Co-supervisor: Engr. Abdul Samad

Group members:
Abrar Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed
Syed Haris
Bilal Sohail