Session on Entrepreneurial Ventures

Shell Pakistan recently conducted a highly informative and engaging session on Entrepreneurial Ventures at DSU. The session was organized by our Professional Development Centre where Mr. Imran Azeem from Shell Tameer guided the young minds on how to transform business ideas into sustainable long term ventures. He also talked about how to approach the financial and investor search stage leading to increased avenues for business growth. Mr. Azeem is Manager Training & Development in Shell Pakistan and leading “Shell Tameer BSOM Cohort 2020”. Mr. Azeem also talked about preparing their “Business Models Pitch” around focused areas of Energy Solutions, Technology Innovation, Empowering Women and Sustainable Social Change.  He guides students as an entrepreneur and shared the pivotal points to keep in mind while entering this area.  The session was part of the DSU’s EPC (Enhancing Professional Competency) Sessions where we endeavor to provide our students with a real-world connection to the concepts and tools taught in our classrooms for an in-depth understanding. The session concluded with an interactive Q&A round.


PDC Workshop on Customer Centricity

A workshop was recently conducted by DSU Professional Development Centre on Customer Centricity – A key Driver for Growth. The workshop facilitator was seasoned professional and trainer Mr. Farooq Shaikh (CEO Bablefish Consulting) who has a diverse experience of over 20 years in consumer, pharma, retail and telecom. In his session, he shared how putting customers and their needs as the number one priority as a business ethos pays off in the long run. Talking about potential areas for growing brands, the trainer shared case studies on how the world most successful brands became customer centric as a means of unprecedented growth. The day long workshop also included group exercises and discussions and ended with a team exercise where participants applied the concepts and ideas that they were taught in the light of their current roles. The workshop was attended by professionals from DIB, Attock Cement, Soneri Bank, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Hilal Foods, Pakistan Railways, Vinci Cosmetics etc to name a few, and was very well received. The second round of this workshop will be conducted soon. Please watch this space for updates.



EPC Session on Data Science

An Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC) session on Data Science and its Applications was recently arranged by Professional Development Centre for the students of DSU. Ms. Behjat Qurban, Head of AI & Analytics, Learning & Development Lead, Deloitte UK and Konain Qurban, CEO, Frontier Technology Institute addressed a class full of keen students wanting to know more about the real world applications of this data science. The speakers talked about the emerging field of Data Science, its prospects in Pakistan and globally along with the benefits and challenges it offers to institutions and corporations. Drawing from her experience at Deloitte UK, Ms. Behjat also shared interesting anecdotes on how data improves long term performance and how it should be documented and stored for better decision making. The session concluded with an interactive Q&A round.
This EPC session was conducted as part of the University’s mission to make the curriculum more current and industry-relevant, by inviting practitioners who share their professional knowledge and insights on application of the concepts taught in our classrooms.




Workshop on ‘Essential Selling Skills’

DHA Suffa University recently organized a 2-day workshop on ‘Essential Selling Skills’ conducted by Mr. Kamran Saeed(Sales Trainer & Consultant). Participants from different organizations like GBM Group, F&D International, Surfaces, IBL Unisys, and Sayeed International, attended the training.

The training included understanding the modern-day buyer to building a long-term relationship with your prospects.

Given the positive attendee feedback, a second round of this training has been launched for February next year. More details at:



Workshop on Blogging & Article Writing

We are done with our 4-week ‘Blogging & Article Writing’ workshop by Shahzaib Shaikh (contributor to different magazines.)

The participants were awarded certificates by Mr. Faisal Quraishi, senior Editor at a renowned media group. The participants presented their blogs, they prepared in the 4-week workshop based on different topics. Mr Faisal advice them with the best industry practices and shared a number of internship opportunities too.

It was a great hands-on experience for all the participants and now they’ll continue blogging having a number of visitors on their respective blogs already.

Workshop on ‘Data Management Using Excel’

DHA Suffa University organized a 2-week workshop on ‘Data Management Using Excel’ by Ms. Eram Abbasi (Microsoft Excel Specialist – Certified from Microsoft), in which employees from different esteemed organizations visited.

The training included gaining familiarity with Excel environment to exhibit data in a productive, smart and presentable way.

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Workshop on ‘Blogging & Article Writing’

We are halfway to our 4-Week, ‘Blogging & Article Writing’ workshop by Mr Shahzeb Shaikh who is an author in Newspapers & Magazines and a blogger.

Participants include industry professionals, subject matter enthusiasts and students from different universities and schools. This workshop will allow the participants with functioning knowledge of blogging and article writing with the aim to get them furnished with the writing skills that would help them in any type of content production.

Lecture on ‘Taking Your Business Global’

A lecture on ‘Taking Your Business Global’ was recently delivered by Mr. Munawar Abadullah, Mr. Haroon Dosani & Mr. Haider Cheema.

Mr. Munawar Abadullah CEO Imptrax and Chairman YorkLand. Mr. Haroon Dosani who is an entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of experience in business development and financial modelling and Mr. Haider Cheema experienced CEO who has worked in the working of drug development. He is a business development professional and skilled in Good laboratory Practice, Chromatography, Medical Device, Spectroscopy, Microscopy and CRM.  The speakers shared some best practices, case studies and their insights on International business expansion, overall strategy and sales and finance aspects of it.

The speakers addressed the lecture theatre full of industry professionals, subject matter enthusiasts and students, and the session concluded with an interactive Q&A round. The lecture was arranged by the Professional Development Centre of DHA Suffa University as part of the DSU Professional Round-Up in collaboration with Jumpstart Pakistan.

Lecture on ‘Electrical Safety’

A lecture on ‘Electrical Safety’ was recently delivered by Karachi Electric personnel at DHA Suffa University. It was arranged by the Professional Development Centre of DHA Suffa University, where students from our electrical department got to learn a lot from the industry practices shared by senior K.E. personnel.

The speakers shared their valuable insights on the following key areas:

  • Electric Shock
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Clearance and Voltage Level
  • Step and Touch Potential
  • Battery Related Hazard and Safety
  • Domestic (Office & House) Electrical Safety

The session concluded with an interactive Q&A round, and was part of EPC (Enhancing Professional Competencies) sessions at DSU which aim to create relevance between the concepts taught in the classroom and their real-world applications.



Lecture on ‘Pakistan Stock Exchange – Learn to Invest’

A lecture on ‘Pakistan Stock Exchange – Learn to Invest’ was recently delivered by Mr. Rizwan Khan & Mr. Faizan Ahmed. Mr. Rizwan Khan is an expert in the field of finance and a CFA qualified professional. Mr. Faizan Ahmed is the Head of Research at Optimus Capital Management (Pvt) Limited. The speakers shared some best practices, case studies, and the dynamics of the Pakistan Stock Market, highlighting the opportunities and encouraged the youth to start early at savings & investments.

The speakers addressed an auditorium full of industry professionals, subject matter enthusiasts and students, and the session concluded with an interactive Q&A round. The lecture was arranged by the Professional Development Centre of DHA Suffa University as part of the DSU Professional Round-Up.