Engr. Meshal Iqbal Shah A Shining Star of DSU EE

Engr. Meshal Iqbal Shah, an alumna of DSU’s Dept. of Electrical Engineering & presently employed at a German based firm, speaks about how DSU’s highly qualified Electrical Engineering EE faculty played a pivotal role in giving her the necessary skill-set and providing her a strong foundation of practical concepts, facilitating her to be successful in the Engineering Sector as a working professional. Meshal Iqbal Shah was DSU’s Star Student who graduated with flying colors and has the distinction of having presented her research paper at a renowned International IEEE Conferences, during her Bachelors studies. She is also selected for the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study a joint master’s degree in Europe. DSU’s Dept. of EE believes in equipping its students with a professional skill-set that enables them to embark on rewarding career paths after their graduation.

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