Session on “Analyzing the Market; from Passion to Product”.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development (CEID) at DHA Suffa University organized an interactive session on the topic of “Analyzing the Market; from Passion to Product”.

The speaker for this session was Mr. Azhar Rizvi who is a serial entrepreneur, IT Consultant, CEO of Cambridge Advisory Network and founder of MIT Enterprise Forum Chapter in Pakistan. A prominent leader with prime focus on developing an entrepreneurial eco-system in Pakistan. He is also a charter member of TiE and OPEN.

Talking to the audience at DSU, Mr. Azhar focused his discussion on the changing regional market dynamics and discussed the evolution of new opportunities for a young potential entrepreneur to be explored further. He also discussed the importance of passion and how much important and significant part it plays for a young entrepreneur’s success. It was a very interesting learning session, and students were able to get an insight into a practical dynamic of entrepreneurship.

Seminar on ‘Startup Journey of Createch’

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Developemnt (CEID) at DHA Suffa University organized a talk for young Entrepreneurs on ‘Startup Journey of Createch’. The speaker for this event was Mr.  Muhammad Mahmood Ali Siddiqui; Co-Founder & Director Business Development at Createch Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Mahmood is an energetic serial entrepreneur and has a vast experience with development and mentoring of young startups. During the session, he shared his own entrepreneurial journey with the students, by providing valuable insights on the practical concepts of entrepreneurship, how a young entrepreneur can operate efficiently with regards to early stage limitations, tips & tricks on understanding the customer persona, and finally how to achieve profitability.

It was a very informative session as it helped to create relevance between the concepts taught in the classroom and their real-world applications.


Session on “Innovate to Celebrate”

An engaging session was organized by Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development (CEID) at DHA Suffa University on the topic of “Innovate to Celebrate”. The speaker, Mr. Oskar Andermo (Regional Vice President – Middle East at HelmsBriscoe) who is a prominent Businessman, Strategist, Certified mental trainer, and an inspiring Professional speaker.

The session primarily focused on the promotion of talent, innovation and creativity in any business ecosystem. It was a highly interactive and lively session where Mr. Oskar engaged the audience by connecting his talk with real world examples. The speaker very intriguingly discussed with the audience on how to increase brand awareness and reputation, and how to spread the excitement to other business areas like employees, customers, investors. It was a very interesting session and helped students to explore new knowledge avenues.


Session on “Entrepreneurial Mindset”

A talk was arranged by Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development (CEID) at DHA Suffa University on the topic of “Entrepreneurial Mindset”. The speaker, Mr. Khurram Mujtaba (CEO of Jump Start Pakistan and Moftak Solution) who is a Visionary Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and a prominent Strategist, discussed key points of being a successful entrepreneur, to have an entrepreneurial mindset and described his experience to students on how his whole journey started. Mr. Khurram also motivated students to be a leader, to control and determine their own destiny. It was a very interesting event, and concluded with an interactive Q&A session.


Seminar on “Building Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups”

On May 20th, 2019, The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Development (CEID) at DHA Suffa University organized a seminar on “Building Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups”. The speaker, Mr. Safeer – e – Hussain, himself is Director Operations of ‘Digital Eggheads’ which is a renowned digital marketing agency. Mr. Hussain has a strong background on digital marketing and has experience of managing digital strategies for many local and international organizations. The aim of this event was to provide a practical insight into the marketing aspects for young startups via digital platform, and discuss tools that would help improve their digital footprint in the market. The speaker took a step by step approach for developing a digital strategy for young startups and relating the talk with various local and international examples. The students enjoyed the talk and resulted in an interactive lively session.


Seminar on “The Entrepreneurial Journey”

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Development (CEID) at DHA Suffa University organized a seminar on “The Entrepreneurial Journey” to promote the entrepreneurial mindset among students of DHA Suffa University. The speaker, Mr. Nazir Ahmed Vaid (Chairman at NexSource Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.) who is also serial entrepreneur, a prominent mentor and an investor enlightens students about the economic as well social benefits of being an entrepreneur, and how it plays a  much diverse role at both micro and macro scale.