The Certification Distribution Ceremony, held as part of the IT-Industry Academic Bridge Program, concluded on a highly positive note at the Regent Plaza. This remarkable event was a collaborative effort between the Information Science and Technology Department, the Government of Sindh, and the Hazza Institute of Technology. During this event, the accomplished students from the 8th semester of the Computer Science Department at DHA Suffa University were honored with certificates. These certificates were presented by Mr. Rana Hussain, Minister of Education Sindh, and Mr. Asif Ikram, the Secretary of the Information Science and Technology Department.

Adding to the prestige of the occasion, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hussain, the Dean of the EAS (Engineering and Applied Sciences) Department DHA Suffa University, shared his valuable insights and thoughts on the significance of the IT-Industry Academic Bridge Program. The event served as a platform to celebrate the successful collaboration and achievements of students and institutions alike.