Legged robots making case in travelling over the different terrains usually found on Earth, which is usually difficult for wheeled system. The concept of these robots was first started by the well-known “The MIT Led Lab”, who made great progress with the quadruped robots (4 Legged) in the 90s. Now in the current era and with new researches, more progress has been made with legged robots by the companies like Boston Dynamics. Legged robot have a huge number of challenges from designing to control, and due to this reason not many successful legged robots have been produced. We, for our project wanted to design a robot to accomplish basic walking gait. Our robot was designed from scratch with the purpose servo motors were used on a 3D printed frame to increase efficiency and decrease the motor load. After considerable and experimentation our quadruped is able to walk successfully.

Group Members:
Haseeb Ahmed EE171077
Humayun Javed EE171055
S.M Talha EE171080
M.Shahab Ansari EE 171065
Supervisor: Engr. M. Sabih
Co-Supervisor: Engr. Dr. Imtiaz Hussain Kalwar