DHA Suffa University fulfils 100% requirements of HEDR portal by HEC

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) acknowledges the efforts of all department heads, faculty members, officers and staff of DHA Suffa University in supporting QEC in furnishing its data on faculty, courses, facilities, library and students’ readiness to the HEC’s Higher Education Data Repository (HEDR) platform for online-readiness. This was not possible without the valuable advice of the top management as well as the combined effort of all staff that DSU has received a 100% score on the HEDR platform (https://hedr.hec.gov.pk/index.php?r=covid%2Fall). This indeed reflects the determination of the higher management in providing a transparent and progressive outlook of the DSU academic setup based on the latest benchmarks for online education in a rapidly evolving national academic landscape. Higher Education Commission also deserves due appreciation and admiration for timely presenting a robust roadmap for its HEIs to conduct effective online classes across Pakistan. As a result HEDR has now emerged as an authentic national platform which is showcasing the fitness of various Pakistani HEIs that are well-equipped to face the newly evolving challenges of imparting higher education to its youth through Online Teaching and Learning during these difficult times. DSU is delighted to shoulder this challenging responsibility in the presence of its great team of professionals.