DSU’s IERC (International Education Resource Center) would like to bring to the attention of DSU’s students as well as alumni that P2GS is offering students a 7 day exciting educational trip to Turkey & Dubai in October 2022.  The deadline to register for this foreign educational trip is 25-August-2022.  Students interested in going on this foreign educational trip can find more details in the attached brochure available on the given link, which also provides contact details of P2Gs for bookings and reservations.

Link [download brochure]:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/12BV-KmbPXtWz7MpEvhTmVe7BTYMD0L54/view?usp=sharing

Education Expo:  P2GS is also having an education Expo at Karachi’s Hotel Movenpick on 21st-Aug-2022 (Sunday) from 11 am to 6 pm for prospective students interested in Masters programs in Germany, Hungary and Turkey.  DSU’s students and alumni interested in postgraduate studies abroad are highly encouraged to attend it