NCEAC Accreditation Visit for BS (CS) Program of DHA Suffa University

The NCEAC Accreditation Team visited the Department of Computer Science for BS (CS) program on 19th November 2021. The visit started with the introductory session of Convener (with the worthy Vice Chancellor and Dean, Engineering & Applied Sciences) where he explained the aim and scope of the Accreditation Visit and its Importance. Head of Department of Computer Science then presented to the Team the Program Goals, Summary of Curricula, Faculty, Students, and Infrastructure of the BS(CS) program. The Convener acknowledged the program’s current performance and also appreciated the Future Plans. The Team was highly impressed by the faculty, staff and facilities as both representatives; Dr. Jahangir Ikram, (Associate Professor, LUMS) and Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Asif (Professor, UET, Lahore) gave encouraging remarks at the end of the visit in their exit meeting with the Vice Chancellor in his office.